Hope, Challenge and Vision: An Editorial about Boxing Past Present and Future! by Esteban Erik Stipnieks



Howdy a pastor rebuked me for the tone on the sight being a bit too old testament and graceless. There have been incidents recently that lead me to explore the tone taken to some events. Heeding Jessie James Leija’s call for unity or at least good will it is time to illustrate some of the why and encourage.

I have spent years in the service industry when myself or others brazenly messed up or even subtly messed up the quickest way to win back a customer is to quickly apologize and make every effort to fix the problem. Two of my more bold editorials were made because what happened to Oscar and Emily were both preventable and morally wrong. As a member of the boxing community I went to the mode the service industry. Like the Jessica Dubroff crash, or Charlie Hillard’s horrific crash both instances were abnormalities aberrations tragic expressions of gross human error impossible to hide. Simply put they were not the norm in the boxing world many in the boxing world private reactions were like pilots talking about the Dubroff crash. To the credit of Texas some of links of the accident chain that almost cost Diaz his life have been weakened and broken which in the end will improve professional boxing safety. Break one link break the chain. The editorials are to be seen as me the member of the boxing world apologizing and seeking to fix the problem. I am happy to report some issues have been fixed. ABC reacted admirably in Iowa boxing has a somewhat greater degree for self examination then its critics give it credit for. Site's I disagree with have been changing for the better I will also point out their is a distance yet to be traveled it though is worth noting distance in the right direction has occurred.   

Gabriel Carlin’s cards address other issues in the boxing world; scratch the rappers Southcoast show in Poteet was great and unnoticed. There are many good things occurring in the boxing world. San Antonio has prospects many would be surprised by the vast number good and decent people in the amateur ranks as coaches many of those Coaches also coach pros.

Its not all hunky dory. There are some who excuse all kinds of behavior: that’s boxing. Boxing’s wounds are largely self inflicted. As a Christian I believe in a transcendent moral code. I have seen businesses that suffered greatly because deceit crept in and like an infection of MRSA caused great damage destroying the honest sweat of many people who I felt honored to be teammates with. I hated saying what Cassandra said I told you so.  On the other hand to strike a reactionary tone in this editorial there is an alternative. Southwest Airlines operates in manner that is a secular application of much biblical truth. The relationship between workers and bosses is remarkably similar to the Protestant clergy and the lay community. PSST: Southwest Airlines has been record setting in consistent profit. I have seen many ethical business models succeed long term.  I have worked within organizations where deceit slowly killed the efforts of honest hard working people. 

I apologized a bit to Carrie Barry I have tossed too many elbows her way. I also pointed out coercive force can not generate virtue it does have limited ability to contain vice. Taking Ken Hick’s advice we now know Herbie did not go Bananas (I do remember a TX Monthly story title) with southwest airlines he was crazy like a fox. If boxing and promoters their in and even state regulators took an aggressive attitude about robberies, mismatches and were seen when near tragedies occurred an outside investigator looking into them searching to prevent future occurrences I would argue a turn around similar to what happened when crazy Herb Kelleher got the throttles, yoke, and rudder pedals of southwest airlines.

What is the ethical business model for professional boxing? 

First there needs to be compliance with not just the letter but the spirit of the Muhammed Ali boxing reform act. 

Second there needs to be a diminishment of even the appearance of "hometown" decisions

Third like amateur boxing there needs to be serious examination of accidents fatal and near fatal  I remember my level 1 coaching with Cesar Cano it was very much like a Civil Air Patrol aviation safety meeting.  A rehash of incidents and what was done wrong and why they should never be repeated.  All major incidents need to be investigated not by state commissions but each state should have an outside state agency investigate to eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest.

To professional boxing fans losing interest you can vote with your wallet, your hit count and your email.  Forums such as facebook allow you a direct voice.  Reward promoters who put on competitive shows with your money.  I have seen changes.    



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