2010 Year in Review Looking Ahead editorial By Esteban Erik Stipnieks


The year 2010 was a unique one in San Antonio. Professional boxing in San Antonio remains most vulnerable and weak in times of economic distress. While this is a non political site I will not go into my feelings. Boxing events to be really successful need the ticket sales of the higher priced seats these are ringside and VIP tables. What became evident when I lost my wheels during this disruption was a continuing weakness in boxing in San Antonio. The affluent are not involved in boxing. You will not find officials for staba around 78209. What Richard Lord has done successfully in Austin and to a lesser Extent Randy Galindo has done in in the area of New Braunfels is attract higher dollar. The thing is Randy is doing it for MMA.

Something the niche boxing can occupy in San Antonio is actually shrinking….this fall there will be in addition to Friday Night Lights there will be another college football team in San Antonio UTSA. Incarnate Word has a football program as well. There is also pro soccer on the horizon. Meanwhile the economic growth is at best anemic. So in this respect boxing has to dot I’s and cross T’s.

Boxing in San Antonio is still recovering from what team Duva did to it. It has been the editorial position of this site and it will continue that Oscar Diaz had no business in the ring that night. There were lots of names who should have said no and stopped the accident chain. It also was the end of a potential local hero for San Antonio for the foreseeable future. Time has elapsed since the dark night at Municipal auditorium but boxing it has floundered. Having the fall of a minor star later this year did not help much either.  The use of a strip club for weigh in venue can easily be criticized from a distance…it adds a distinct sleaze factor to the sport. The question can be raised which I do suspect was the case no other place for the weigh in….The card was successful in the fact it accepted pent up demand which had been building for a period. The trouble was while being a fairly entertaining local card it did not do much long term to aid the growth of the sport other then highlighting the build of the female rivalry Ruiz V Salazar.

What can San Antonio do….we are still waiting for superman. We also saw the fall of potential super man this fall. The vision needs to be pursued of a series of local cards local boxers with cache of the Austin Music scene. There also has to be an appeal related to those cards. Female boxing benefited from and continues to benefit from the likes of Anissa Zammaron, Mean Snodene, and Jay Vega. Their personalty did much to build and maintain a good image. Local maverick Richard Lord did much to help as well. Can such a model exist in San Antonio.... Yes. The distance of the venue needs to maintain a reasonable distance from the boxing hot beds of the Southside it ideally should be able to tap into the affluence of the New Braunfels Bulverde area. What those cards will need is a real touch of integrity and further reduction of the sleaze in boxing. In terms of dynamic heroine the rivalry of Ruiz and Salazar both women have issues that prevent them from being acceptable to fandom in the North side or 09 area. I believe a couple of those boxers are out there. There are some local names and some amateurs that maybe going pro which offer some potential.

What has emerged on the positive side over the last two years was a strong amateur boxing association with a good leader who has a longer term vision. It is being run with a focus on safety. I have seen lots pro active officiating in the last two years. The LBCs were run in a black and white way. The thing is what is lacking is local awareness.

Local names continued to fight out of town the sea on 2011 looks quite stormy. What will happen? We do not know for sure. For anybody who wants disposable income to visit boxing events keep your hood clean of aluminum cans recycle them….and shades of green will show you how to grow organic produce on the cheap.


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