San Fernando Smoker Part 1


Grass roots boxing a solid show a Schreiner Student and warm Saturday.  The show got off with another beautiful rendition of the national anthem played by Priscilla Sanchez. 


Then the action began

In the JO division it was Jason Limon of SA Parks winning 70lb weight class

Jennifer Ruiz continues her winning ways bringing honor to the name intermediate JO 117lbs

Open division means skill and strategy Benjamin Whittaker showed both winning by RSC in round #3 156lb weight division

It was Eric Reyes RSC victory senior 156lb weight class

Jose Trevino of Austin won his JO 78lb weight class bout

Jas Phipps senior division 206lb weight class winner

Chris Nickerson BUlly Unit won his 159lb weight class senior division bout

Unattached boxer boxer won his his senior division 141lb weight class

Luis Delgado won his intermediate division bout 159lb weight class

Megan Martinez won her JO bout 116lb weight class


Part 3 of the show

Part 2 of the show

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