San Fernando Show Part 3 Report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks

Roland Rojas won a 3-2 decision intermediate 101lb weight class

It was Uriel Garcia who won his Senior Jo bout 120lb weight class if Andy Cuevas had used his reach would it have turned out differently? It was 3-2 action packed bout.  Kudos to Cuevas

Markus Hernandez won his senior 180lb weight class bout

Hilario Vazquez won his bout 102 lb intermediate class

Mike Coronado won his bout 190lb senior division

Percy Mosby by RSC Round 1 senior 267lb weight division

Santino Perez of Angels boxing club won his intermediate 153lb weight class bout

Gregory Morales of Ramos boxing won his 73lb weight class bout....note for the 2nd SF show in a row Arturo Ramos wore a Religon= Death shirt editorial comment half my family endured The Bloodlands so I will bring up this stat 12 mil is Stalin's death toll. 

Not a defensive show case but an RSC victory for Jacob Brotherton in round #3 intermediate 146lb weight class

Jason Morales won his senior division 149lbs weight class

Herman Torres won a close 3-2 Decision over Temporary Kerrvert (Schreiner student) William Ramon 196lb Senior Division


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