San Fernando Gym Report Part 1 Report and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks photos lincensed to participants Only



Well Staba had not one but two shows going on at the same time believe it or not both were fully crewed with volonteers instead of 5 judges though there were three at San Fernando this did not mean the boxing was any less intense.

Ronald Segovia Jr winner 82 lbs from Alamo city boxing club 2-1

Carlos Lopez winner 67lb weight class Neighborhood boxing club 3-0

Mark Perez from Bully Unit boxing club winner by 3-0 decision 131lb weight class

Daniel Leija from San Fernando gym winner 110lb weight class by 3-0 decision

Logan Wilson San Antonio parks winner 176lbs

Gregory Morales from Ramos boxing winner by 3-0 decision  84lb weight clsas

Roger Gonzales by closely contested 2-1 decision 142 lb weight division.  Roger won in his home ring

Hector Tanjara also of SA parks winner 119 lb weight class by 3-0

Christopher Martinez Ramos boxing winner by 3-0 decision 108lb weight class

Unattached boxer Jovani Martinez winner  104lb weight class


Part 2 through bout 19

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