Report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks licensed to participants only


Julio Macotela winner 113lb weight class from Randazzo brothers boxing by 2-1

Gibran Javier Ruiz winner 153lb weight class by 3-0 decision. 

Josua Moreno go Texas Wolverines won his 125lb weight division bout by 3-0

Michael Coronado from Bully Unit boxing club won in 200lb weight class  by 2-1 decision

Jorge Ramos by 2-1 decision 79lb weight class

Derek Ramos of Davalos boxing club winning 81lb class by 2-1

Ruben Gonzales of scratch boxing club winner 77lb weight class

Jessie Rodriguez of Ramos boxing club winning 73lb weight class bout

Alexius Estranda TNT boxing club winner 3-0 183 lb weight class


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