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Others Along the Road of Dreams  words photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks


Not even a full 10th of a mile exists from the location of the scale and the road of dreams I-35. Countless stories could be told of musicians and workers migrating out of South Texas for jobs and opportunities points north. The venue was the parking lot of San Antonio Men’s club. Pro boxing after another long absence is returning to San Antonio. Weigh ins are more business the final health exam weight measurement for the state. The bone dry air heated up fast from the lows last night. A Unicorn T-shirt was spotted on a state official. Go Blue! The trajectory of the heat seemed to fit for the upcoming fight card. Temps were going up! The question is which of these local boxers will have their dreams come true. The big three dramas involve the main event, female bout, and 2nd fight for a local.

James Cantu V Jose Martinez. Watch for a potentially wild bout here. Jose is crafty James is all American. Jose Chato Martinez goofy, a bit of a wild child his record and his skills can make this interesting. This is not a safe bout for James Cantu. If you want drama potential for controversy and will a very real possibility for an intense loud bout this has it.

Celina V Christina I have written about this take a look at the photos this shows the radical difference in styles. Christina can put Celina on the canvas Celina can make Christina look like a fool! A picture is worth a thousand words contrast Celina and Christina Gallery additional photos

Justin Williams debut was a shocking blast in Laredo. He fought to draw against a hometown hero. Was that a flash in the pan or the bout ducked in Vegas really an act of common sense?

As for the other bouts Joe Rios does not have certain shot of victory. He does have to add another win in the win column against Jose Garcia. The other bouts are not protected big names they are local guys who want to bang want to. Omar and Jospeh are a bout to watch with along with Guitterrez Almeada bout.


 Bouts at San Antonio Event Center 8111 Meadowleaf Drive doors open at 6:30 am bouts 15 of them start at 12pm. Tickets should be available at the door!

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