Randazzo October 29th Show Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks do not repost without permission


What happens when you have two shows at the same time…numbers of boxers and bouts decrease…things have also been incredibly busy in the month of October for amateur boxing fans while pros in San Antonio become road warriors….and box elsewhere. Randazzo boxing show was a small but entertaining day of boxing.

Antonia Torres won her bout 81lb JO (3-2 decision)

Isiah Medina won his JO bout 5-0 in his home ring

Alexis Nino dominated his opponent to win a 5 decision.  The bout was 135 weight class.

Jrod Franks another 5-0 dominate decision winner.  The bout was at the 165lb weight class. 

Cesar Martienz won by RSC finding his opponents nose between rounds 2 and three. The bout was at 128lbs.

Efrain Loredo from Champion Fit had to work hard for a narrow 3-2 decision 148lb weight class


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