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Sunday afternoon Joseph Herron who I called was excited which I had taken network feed for both his sites and this site was posted on East Side boxing the third most viewed boxing site in the world!  Ok the kicker is the photographer myself suffers from dyspraxia...a condition that effects motor skills.  Looking over my handwritten notes ringside to generate the fight report you have read was well....a struggle simply put the simple act of moving a pen across paper in the minute time period between rounds is difficult and the needs for photography take higher precedence.  What went on was really a complex coping mechanism to meet the goals of the night quality action shots first then attempting to cope with what it will cost.  End result I come across as a person who is not disabled....when in reality I am disabled.  Like all learning disabled people the condition is unseen and its manifestations often generate hostility 

Dyspraxia at its core as far as a disability is as difficult to pin down as jello.  Simply put at the heart of cerebrum things are not quite normal.  This PSA describes some it.  Essantially in the inner cerebrum between the right and left hemispheres their is a great amount of disjointment.  A dyspraxic in addition to having suffer lackluster motor skills often has the social skills of asperger's individual and impulsive and need for stimulation that those with ADD, ADHD have.  As dyspraxic children are abnormally sensitive the effects of how we are nurtured generate radically different outcomes as adults.  What our parents encourage or stifle can often generate radically different people who process things the same way.

It is my desire for some neurologist to run an EEG next pro show.  Getting a picture of brain activity when images of thse quality are produced in a dyspraxic brain HAS NOT been done before.  Such an endeavor would provide some hard data for motor learning theory and coaching technique.  Every boxing shoot I am forced onto the outer edges of my capability what is really going on needs to be captured as surely as the original x-planes were wired to produce usable data that has been converted to any host of developments today.  Wiring me so to speak would be akin I believe to generate pictures of what was going in my brain that had been shaped by the Trinity Motor Learning lab and Dr Robert Strauss.  I was a part of the program from 1980-1985 kinder through start of 4th grade!  I have my techniques of attempting to be on the very top of the stress performance curve and riding the ragged edge.  It also helps having been in the ring.  On another level put on the motor skill level what is going on to produce images such

as in an extreme challenge.  Due to my background the challenge is almost addicting.  Dyspraxics are addictive. The very obsessive nature of a dyspraxic enables me to milk out the last bit motor capability. 

The pacing allowed me brakes where I promptly mentally reduced effort and tried to tune down.   Without multiple breaks that event had I would not have been able instead of hanging on the edge I approached it multiple times subtly did my work there and promptly got off it knowing their was only so much endurance on the edge despite this the last two bouts also show greatly diminished motor and mental performance!   

After the report Joseph Herron commented you are crazy!  Lets face it 2pm-11:30pm 161 raw photos plus commentary then all of it posted by 4pm the following day is well...obsessive.  The fact I ate so little on Sunday....was a direct manifestation of dyspraxic hyper focus.  Latvian American actor Charles Bronson in role in White Buffalo and Mechanic unwittingly portrayed many dyspraxic tendencies. 

A lot of the flavor of the report was a fragrant manifestation of dyspraxia "one point getting Alberto Romero on the ropes then looking like a dog with a rear axle in his mouth" and "Serious martial artists know that the one who looks like a complete wimp is often well the one who can make a mugger wish.....they were working fast food.  If Julian Ramirez were to appear on a construction sight he would be called a baby faced gringo.  He put on a boxing clinic at the expensive of Stephen Guitterrez.  Early on Guitterrez took some damage on the outside....he went inside well Julian Ramirez had merely given him a choice of poison.  Round three Julian Ramirez using his right hand the way lumberjacks use an ax  started chopping down Guitterrez" those are just bits.  The ability to see links and create word pictures is a dyspraxic strength.  Dyspraxics can quantify emotion dyspraxics can adjust team chemistry the way flight engineers of old kept piston engined airplanes in the air.  The most infamous I told you so dyspraxic moment in history was of Winston Churchill warning of Hitler.  Churchill is probably the most famous dyspraxic in history and gets credit for saving civilization.  He read Hitler's writings and saw the threat no one else did.   

Now that I have discussed the disability it as if society is punishing and trying to put dyspraxics into a box in which they do not fit.  One of the most illuminating discussions I have had with was with the company that runs both Jims and Magic Time Machine as they told me that NEISD told them that those with learning disabilities be given menial tasks.  For a dyspraxic a menial task with a detailed checklist looms like a death sentence and holds its core the invite to day dream.  In short North East Independent School District gave a business completely backwards advice. 

Now we get to the core of matter...."How can someone so smart be so stupid!" My handwritten notes were semi illegible you probably do not want me on drive through boards at a Burger King when their are six cars in front of you.  You do not want me to attempt to make change in a rush.  Personality wise you may find me prickly and totally unable to take a subtle hint.  Some laws that are designed to protect the disabled have boomeranged to hurt dsypraxics.  As lawyers have commented it is EASIER NOT TO HIRE you then to face a wrongful termination lawsuit.

So now we get to the battle dyspraxics employer can find us like an English bulldog is to the right human lovable, funny, a profoundly loyal defender, a larger than life clown.  Our disability lies hidden beneath our higher then normal IQ or inventive creative nature, at times our disability manifests itself in odd ball comments which at times can be inappropriate.  The chaos within the inner brain is not visible the way say Rick Morones without his leg it is every bit as real. 

What do many dyspraxics want?  They are no different then any disabled person they want the dignity that providing useful goods and services to other human beings provides.  They want the satisfaction of a paycheck well earned for a job well done.  They want someone who understands that they live behind the inverted  Peter Principal what is easy for non dyspraxics is hard for dyspraxics.   The report that this attached to is in its own way a dance with dyspraxia...advanced coping with motor skill difficulty, battle with day dreaming, a hidden bout of insomnia, use of greater perception and creativity and a single minded attack to get the job done before a deadline 4pm Sunday! 

Thank you boxing fans for hearing my rant!



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