Triple A Promotions Night to Remember Memories are Odd Things



November 16, 2013 was billed by Triple A Promotions as a Night to Remember.  Some things in boxing are as consistent as hot days are in Alice Texas during summer time.  Sting comments "A lesson once learned is so hard to forget" especially if your butt winds up on canvas learning it.  As far as memories as Ricky Nelson found out when played a Garden party at Madison square garden memories and sentiment can sometimes lead in unforeseen directions. 

"If you got to play at garden parties I wish you a lot a' luck
But if memories were all I sang I'd rather drive a truck"

Lyrics taken from (Video Ricky Nelson performing the song)


(photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved unless other wise stated)

Having a losing a record makes one gun began the first bout.  Anthony Navarro and Daniel Sanchez share both a losing record and both were gunshy at first.  Anthony at times showed in terms of reflexes and and power he was a bit better their were moments when Daniel Sanchez did though rock both men missed opportunities to dominate clearly and even possibly knock the other man out.  Daniels a bit faster on the draw and a bit more damaging impacts lead to a decision with him winning three of the four rounds by a single point.  Gallery of the fight

In Aviation every student pilot learns that altitude above you is as useless runway behind you in boxing reach smothered and body shots not landed are equally as useless.  Jessie James Angunianno hardly is a defensive master.  Yet he ate some dodged some and used enough boxing knowledge to land some significant body shots early on to well you can see what happened to his opponent less than 1/3 the way into round 3.  Martin Solis is a tall awkward fighter that had a brief moment early on.  Jessie James Angunianno went down to business.  gallery of the fight

Changing from friend to baked fish was not enough.  Nick Calamacho looked briefly to have beaten his past defeats.  That was in round 1.  The trouble is in round 2 and three Lynell Johnson did with two punches rocking Nick back what Nick took four to do rock Lynell.  In round three it looked lynell was tiring in round four well the better fighter who could do more with less put Nick on his aft end in the nuetral corner.  Gallery of the fight

Two debuters Roselio Bautista and Ricky Nunez.  It started slow awkward but well with reach good things happen.  Mike Rios gave advice in the cornder that if followed well Nunez would have been feeling better this morning and crowds would have gone home sooner.  Too often Nunez would pause and admire his handy work letting a game Bautista off the hook.  It was a UD for the clear winner Huerta.Gallery of the fight


We have all seen the World War II movies when the submarine battered by depth charges surfaces real close to the destroyer that winning the battle and being so close to the destroyer the destroyer CAN NOT get the shots off while the Submarine can fire the deck gun.  So it was for  Martinez and Juan Occurra.  Juan Occurra appeared to be victim of KO fight end of round 1 when he was hurt and after he had been dumped to the canvas.  Round 2 changed Occurra managed to get under the reach of Martinez and then his own shots took advantage of the lack luster defense.  By the end of round 3 the fight was even on the score cards.  It never made it that far.  Smothered in the corner unable to dodge or unable to land a real effective counter unable to dance out of range.  Occurra's deck gun barrage well Martinez sunk to the canvas.  Galllery of the fight

In the immortal concert movie "The Last Waltz" the band is goofing off playing and Robbie Robertson comments "It ain't what it used to be" Ricky Nelson's Garden party at Madison square garden he accepted he was no longer who he once was but well others refused.  In this case put the TDLR and myself and another reporter in the position Ricky Nelson  both boxers played the role of the crowed that booed Ricky Nelson at the garden party.  The commission in my mind wisely changed the Steve Trumbell v John Michael Johnon bout to four rounds.  I had heard about this at the weigh in.  The first two rounds were slow practically impossible to score.  John Michael Johnson won the last two winning the fight.  Gallery of the fight

The final fight of the night was almost as entertaining as Laila Ali's early bouts.    It was scheduled for six Gilbert Cancino protested it was stopped early.  It could have gone a few more seconds but the outcome at that time was as inevitable as the fate of snowball on an outdoor  path at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington if dropped in the middle of July.  Javier had fought him before this time well Gilbert took the beating and wanted a bit more.  Gilbert landed some but the outcome was never in doubt the only question was when.     Gallery of the fight



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