Team Azteca Hanging Tough Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks

The New Pro was not in town Christmas but the die hards trained Saul Amaya possibly fighting in February and  Christina Ruiz who lost UD title belt....but she wants to bring a title back to San Antonio.  Conversation briefly paused on a bout that did not happen.  For local female boxing fans it was better Ruiz would have notched a quick victory.  She though was denied a pay day even if local boxing fans were denied a fight I would not have blinked during they would have missed her opponent going down. 

Things have been tough leaky roof fight falling through hypertrophic cardio myopathy Emilio Ledezma has been in a struggle to maintain the gym and simply keep going. 

Christina though had some surprises she December 22nd will be getting an ward she did fight for a title afterall and issued out one of the biggest surprises.  She will be sparring later. 

There were also amateurs training.  While the year 2011 was coming to a close 2012 was looming.  Now its time to prepare.  Sweat in the gym dedication life goes on at Team Azteca.  


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