Mayans Half Right?  Fight Report and Gallery Link Leija Battah Final Card of 2012(words photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks)



The modern Maya remarked that December 21 would mark a change.  The packed La Villitia convention center a changing of the guard occurred in a real manner.  Some up and comers made stunning debuts....(one boxer on the card got more then a lump of coal) and a couple old favorites showed well Bruce Springsteen was right when he said "Well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories about"


Jeremy Longoria a late fill in showed that late fill ins can be dangerous in a close competitive fight that Jeremy won.  To his credit Theo Johnson did show skill im movement.  Jeremy Longoria pressed and attacked and when he did land (not that often) well he did do damage with real power.  Final score 39-37

Gallery of the fight (8 pics)


If you want to fight times it looked like half a toughman contest bout or something you would see on WCW or Legends of the World class.  Benjamin Whittaker is now 2-0 with two Kos at La Villitia.  Mike Hill was awkward at times turning his back and running and one got the impression at times after being tagged a few times he sincerely wanted the fight to be stopped and take a TKO loss.  He got his round 2.

Well the rumor turned out to be false...Jairo found Miguel Pizzarro's light switch with a spectacular right and simply in the first round lights out.  I remarked about changing of the guard.  Jairo showed he was one San Antonio's young guns. 

(lights out)

On the Alamo dome fight report I included a comment I would slap on a facebook page.  Hall is truly likeable but the fight card was an acid test....the fight was 12 minutes with very very very little defense.  El Soldado (The soldier) Montes showed his youth at times being a bit faster a bit stronger and the four rounds just a bit better of a brawler.

Gallery of Hall v Montes

The next fight was hard to tell WHO was making the pro debut.  Joseph Rodriguez often lived up to his nickname name (Mongoose) not the most active of the two.  When the mongoose made a connection well Jorge Flores now 0-5 got a hint that maybe boxing might not be the optimal career choice

Gallery of the fight JOrge Flores v Joseph Mongoose Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez has the nickname the Pitbull..tenacious aggressive hard charging.  He lived up to his nickname he also fought smart body body body.  Javier slid enough body shots though he hardly was a defensive wizard rounds three and four  Mario Delgado's punches well were not what they were at round 1

Photo Gallery Javier Pitbull Rodriguez defeats Delgado.

Kendo Castanada came in with a Santa Claus cap.  Denzel Baker would have preferred a lump of coal to the shot that dropped him in something that looked like a bull fight from Spain.  Denzel charged side step counter Thud end round 1 and the counter in Kendo's record advances from 1-0 to 2-0 1 KO

When is a victory not a victory?  When a victory is like medina has to grow on small shoots of doubt.  Joseph Rios has had a formidable career and a pretty good career for a local boxer.  He has never been a super star but he has been a star.  If you split the difference between Herron and myself on La Villitia v Yanez despite a surprising outcome after that bout.  Rios won the Texas Title belt an against an up and coming Juan Leija but many of the 8 rounds were close and the score cards did not show dominance by Joseph Rios.

Gallery of Juan Leija v Joseph Rios

On Coast to Coast AM one caller suggested that at 5am gravity would cease on earth their would be a massive explosion.  Transition did occur December 21.  In the local boxing world we saw young guns emerge and a reminder that time passes for local favorites.  Well after 5pm at La Villita assembly hall the year ended with Leija Battah having with actions backed up Jessie James Leija's words.  Leija Battah promotions showed stewardship of the local boxing scene giving local talent an opportunity to shine for San Antonians. 



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