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First some pictures of the medical team who gave freely of their time and skills.....

All officials are required to get the blood pressure checked here is volunteer doctor doing it.    I hope young women look up to these heroines of the sport and realize brains and beauty can go hand in hand.......These women made the event possible SALUTE! 

Joel Gomez played the National Anthem on Guitar Hendrix style he would also provide the other bookend of the day had 2 shows and Golden gloves in both San Antonio and Austin are on the horizon as result this was mainly JO age divsion bouts on chilly clear day in North Eastern San Antonio.

Amber Rojas won her JO 89lb weight division bout.

Unattached boxer Noah Garcia won a 5-0 decision senior division 156lb weight class

Mario Aquino won his bout senior JO 168lb weight class

On the nose Santino Perez winning by retirement intermediate 155lb weight class.

Sean Sendejo who is out of Team Azteca where Christina Ruiz  trains...handily won a 5-0 decision senior age division 119lb weight class

Demetrio Reyes....won by RSC round #1 if I were a criminal planning on messing in Austin 10 years from now I would be praying this guy does not get involved with the law enforcement Explorer program sponsored by Austin Police Athletic League.....those of us law abiding citizens lets hope he does!

Jacinto Faz with his 2nd round RSC victory is also on the list of people law abiding citizens of the future would love to see behind a badge protecting and serving

Angel Campos by RSC round 3 61lb Jo division

Jose Trevino another little tough guy winning by decision from AUstin PAL his JO bout

Saul Montes going pro Feb 24 2012 in Houston!

Alex Trevino from Austin PAL winner by 5-0 decision

Buan Licona intermediate 105lb weight class winner

Hard hitting Joseph Manzello RSC round 1 senior division 149lbs

The Guitar playing boxer Joel Gomez JO winner 100lbs



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