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I have been provided scores.  For Friday's bouts.  The night began with a little more formality the Buffalo soldiers presented the colors in the ring.  Then the bouts started for a long night of boxing. 

Tiffany Alejandro won the bout yet Stacy Nakell showed dramatic improvement over her performance last year.  The bout was in the women novice bantamweight division.  More photos to the fight part I

more photos of the fight part II

Judges had it 4-1

Matthew DeLeon won the novice feather championship.  He represented Tough Enough Boxing.  It was a fight tight one 3-2 on the judging

Ashley Reyes dominated  her novice  bantamweight bout.  She represents scholar warrior.  All the judges had her as the winner

Gallery of this fight Part I

Gallery of this fight part II

Clint Herrera  had a an easy time wimning the battle of Angels boxing gym in the open light weight division judges had it 5-0

It was 4-1 for AJ iof Angels boxing club n an open lightweight division bout.

All the judges saw it for the novice lightweight champion Rudy Gonzales of Castillo boxing club.

It was tight for the sub novice lightweight championship 3-2  Jose Andrade of angels.

Danny Bernal of Lords won the sub novice light welter championship by RSC 2nd round

In the open dibision middleweight it 4-1 for Johnny Thomas in a close exciting bout.

When you are holding on for your dear life to avoid an RSC you might be DQ'd which is what happened.  Salvadora Roa won the bout in the open middleweight division clearly before the DQ which sealed the deal

Tokunbo Adeniran won this novice middleweight division bout.  Judges 4-1

Joel Cavazos Kelly 5-0 sub novice middle weight champion

Gallery of Bout Part 1, Gallery of bout part II ,Gallery of bout part III

Christina Ruiz 5-0 domination of her female sub novice light weight bout.

It was as 3-2 victory for Christopher Garcia in novice light heavy championship bout

Sir Smith of Ann WOlfe found his power and accuracy not a second too soon to win his open heavy bout by RSC in the last second of round 4

It was a 5-0 victory for a hard hitting and accurate Mickey Cleveland in the open heavy weight division.  All the judges saw it the same way

Isias Garcia of Unlimited won the novice heavyweight championship.

Outcome in never any doubt Alfred Conley won his open super heavy bout all the judges saw it the same way.

Last but not least Armando Leon of Sniper took home the sub novice super heavyweight championship.


Sniper boxing club took home sub novice team trophy


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