Army And Marines Battle for Armed Forces Boxing Dominance Words and Photos Esteban Erik licensed to Participants



Temps climbed in and out of the ring Basic Trainees yelled and noise levels got higher then a flying competition. a….The Army and Marines dominated competition. An Army boxer continued to pursue her Olympic dream and the Air Force lost a heart breaker. Lots happened Armed forces boxing championships…final night these are the photos

Round 1-2 of bout gallery

rounds 3-4 gallery of bout with links to larger photos

Carrie Barry Army won her female bout 132lb weight division

John Franklin soundly defeated his Marine opponent 114lb weight division

It was Abrahams Lopez USMC who had to work hard for his victory over Army 123lb weight division click for gallery

Ioribio Ramirez the mechanic US Army broke Marine hearts last minute comeback last round 132lb weight division Gallery of the bout

Jamel Herring won one for the Marines 141lb weight class

Cavalry Scout Samuel Vasquez showed Army Strong by RSC victory 152lb weight class click for gallery

Damarius Russell Marine intel dominated his opponent 165lb weight class

Truck Driver Jeffrey Spencer delivered victory to the Army 175lb weight class Gallery of the bout

Charles Blackwell overcame early lead By Kent Brinson to win 201lb weight class for the Army over the Air force. click for gallery of the bout!


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