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A block north of Highway 90/IH-10 within hailing distance of I-37 lies a barber shop on 1612 South Hackberry Knock U Out Barbershop. Nearest Exit off IH-10 is exit 575 as you head west on the frontage road. Drexel runs right in front of the Barbershop. The building itself is from art Deco era. The Barbershop itself: Think Barbacoa and Big Red, and Think Los Number Three Dinners. It’s as San Antonio well like a bowl of menudo or Barracho Beans. So that building on the corner of Drexel and S Hackberry has a boxing themed barbershop with local boxing roots and today it got a press conference local boxing returning. Mike Rios a fixture in local boxing and father of the shop owner got things started followed by city councilman David Medina. You want to train like a boxer but not fight lots gyms will help you. Medina pointed out the city wide need for many give diabetes a standing 8 a boxing workout while many may not enter the ring. Like a good jab keeping an opponent away an active lifestyle can ward off the diseases development.

(David Medina and Rios at the San Antonio Barbershop)

Celina Salazar arrives (click for larger pic)                                      Christina arrives click of larger pic


Local flavor local drama Cantu reaching for the stars, can secondary stage kick in, Will Jorge maintain his trajectory, Emilio Ledezma in the corner of Christina Ruiz who will be facing Celina Salazar managed by Tony Ayala. The Bad Blood well goes back to when Bianca Ledezma and Maribel Zurita where gymmates:(They Fought)

(Tony Ayala and Celina Salazar)

Will Felipe avenge his loss against Julio? Will Julio get another loss in a row? Who is San Antonio’s best male prospects, who is the queen of San Antonio female boxing oh yes throw in an auto accident that involved a boxer involved today to the pot of chilli. Forget Telenovela’s in HD when you can buy a ticket at Angels Boxing club, Knock u art Barbershop, Team Azetca boxing club and just for grins yes there will be an amateur boxing show preceding this!

As for the press conference itself James Cantu did not speak much….his fists often provide good commentary. His opponent has a body shot….best seen rather then felt.

Joseph Rios was thankful

Click for larger picture

Celina while accepting of a rematch threw down a challenge we need more women getting involved with the sport of boxing in San Antonio

Click for larger picture

Christina Ruiz accepted the fact she was under trained for their first match up and hinted at a different outcome

Justin Williams is a wild card he fought to a draw in Laredo against a much more experienced local boxer it was a draw in his opponent’s hometown!

Guiterrez: will be do what Buen dia did from Ft Worth and make his San Antonio opponent have a mal noche?

Tony Ayala Sr voiced a criticism of what is killing the sport of boxing (one sided fights with protected fighters) and commented this card will be different. On this Tony and I agree on.  Those who know what I feel about politics( I keep em off the site)  if Barack Obama said the same thing I would agree with him.  October 16 San Antonio Event Center for the pros gates open at 6:30pm. San Antonio Event Center is the vicinity of Jay high school Marbach will be the best Exit off Loop 410.  In True San Antonio Style the boxers posed for fans and took interviews after the official close of ceremonies.

Rios closes the ceremonys

Boxers and barber



Additional pics of womensbout hype you will ike tem

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