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Life is full choices….the where to eat breakfast was one when I worked construction McDonalds offered food I was familiar with predictable and well a bit boring….there was a time I dared to eat at Taqueria off Boergfeld a risk I was the only gringo (ok medio gringo) in there. One bite of chorizo and egg taco my mouth filled with memories of mi abuela Guadalupe Tamez. I dared and was richly awarded. So the weekend of March 25-26 fight fans face choices….and local boxers face challenges. Do you want your Starbucks McDonalds or do you want the Taqueria.


The press conference at Knock You Out Barbershop on 1612 South Hackberry was a peak into the kitchen of the fight card. Knock you out Barbershop is not to be confused with the Knockout Hair salon. Knock you out Barbershop does not have physically appealing women to do your hair. Knock you out Barbershop has barbers who belong more in Rockwell painting while videos of knockouts play on a flat screen TV Ring magazine issues are readily available. Knock you out Barbershop rates on San Antonio scale of authenticity a Trey Ware or a Los #3 Dinners song.

Gabriel Carlin speeaks Father of Joseph Rios

District 5 City Councilman

Really let’s take a look at the ingredient list. Promoter Gabriel Carlin has something my congressman Lamar Smith does not. In the construction world we can call it cajones or guts. He permits and encourages media that does not see eye to eye with him to cover his cards. This ingredient allows two additional ingredients into this recipe drama and unpredictability. Lets face it boxing has become a bit like WWE with predetermined outcomes.  Well because of Carlin has guts we got less predictability in this card.  If James Cantu on the main event wins and dominates bigger and better things ESPN swing bout in Vegas. If Cantu does not…… to make things more interesting James Cantu’s opponent is a bit of mystery but we do know Robert Hill has a draw. Will Cantu’s planned body attack work? Gotta go the SA event center to find out March 26. Oh yes on the co main event Rios wins and dominates fight card sells out possibility brightens of an 8 round rematch for the draw (implied robbery against Yanez in Ft. Worth a draw in hometown of a fighter means.....) Rios has to get past the son of Pleasanton  Raphael Casillas.  

James Cantu Joseph Rios Mike Rios

Ok next we get to under card Boston import, Proud child of England (having the courage to admit he does not like Mexican food within 2 miles of IH37 and under half a mile from 10 east! Steven Hall will be dealing with ring rust and an opponent trained by Emilio Ledezma whose son suffers from Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy. Team Morones has a couple fighters on the card as. There are a couple pro debuter’s making their debut in their hometown.

(Steven Hall with the mircrophone and the man from Baston aka Boston)  

Those who read express news forums know where I stand politically I will say this David Medina has been a champion of local boxers and local boxing. His attendance at the press conference that did not have Local TV was a statement of loyalty.

(pro debuter excited for everything there is a first time)

Should the venue for a weigh in penalize the card? Most fans do not show up the weigh in the weigh in not an event you pay to see. A weigh in which will I attend is stage setter for the action to come the following night. The kitchen door was opened for the fight card SA event center my nose has been filled with the aroma of the ingredients; pardon my slobber I like the way this one looks.

Debut of another media outlet more fact intensive he had a recorder at the event so check out this dry but informative take on the event

Tickets remain on sale for this event call (210)325-0140,(210)902-8558,(210)633-4840 ($20,$40,$50) gates open 6:30pm Sa Event center.



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