Boxing at OLLU Not Always according to Script



First off the amateurs one interesting note about staba is that ringside two certified middle school teachers in addition to retired police officer.  For those who are not familiar with education...middle school teachers are a breed a part....middle school students are developing rapidly the intellect of a high school student that can challenge a teacher and they have a lot of the flightiness of an elementary school student.  To face this challenge day after day requires a special breed of teacher with courage, improvisational skill, and intellect.  One of the winners had also finished 2nd in a 5k that day....Apologies due to a rare clerical error I lost the sheet the the results from last night....I am on the autism spectrum dyspraxia.

Am Gallery1

Am Gallery 2

Carlos Dixon gave Kenton Sippio cook a bit of a different look it took a wee bit of time for Sippio to adapt 2:16 of the 2nd TKO victory

Kurtis Owwie Colvin....well somtimes when the head is not open take the body till the head gets open....his opponent was saying more than oww quickly.  2:28 round 1

Reach without knock your opponent on the butt power is not a fully developed asset.  Felipe Casatanda has reach...Gabriel Rangel had good condition fervent desire and courage.  The result was this was a phone booth brawl a test of heart for Felipe since he lacked power to keep Gabriel Rangel outside.  For the TV fans who wanted to see courage and drive this was a thriller.  The score cards showed a tight fight as despite early lead and landing some good body work. Gabriel Rangel came back mid fight and took several rounds.  59-55 (two judges) 58-56 the third judge.....the rounds were close so I can see the disagreement between but UD Felipe Castanada....Gallery of the fight

Emanuel Ledezma is not the most known fighter in San Antonio and Felix Piedra well this morning probably regrets meeting him in his place of work....the boxing ring.  Is it Piedra's chin or just a notch short of Broadside power...Felix held on through the rounds but the only worse then the left hand was the right.  Felix was not without some moments but they were few and Emmanuel showed what condition was about through the six rounds.  Emmanuel Ledezma deserves recognition as a legit prospect from San Antonio....his right and left hand silenced critics.  Gallery of the fight

The Corona Girls provided a little more action then the next next fight would have...someone in Houston told us what to expect and they were right. 

Jermall Charlo has what opponents find more than annoying an effective jab.  It may not be devestating put as another boxing writer who previewed this fight plink plink plink and when the body opens up take it.  I talked to a prophet.  Jermal's jab found its way in with greater ease then Tony Parker had with Eva Longoria.  The eye pictured was quickly damaged and then the head was defended the body was nice.  Then as predicted a big enough opening for the head came.....Boom thud....done.

It takes courage to step into the ring against an Olympian who did well that in a short career managed to rack up an impressive record.  A good corner can turn a fight that looked like an knockout go the distance and well provide work and seasoning for the Olympian.  Luis Torres made adjustments to add some interest to fight that never lost its once sided nature but Errol Spence did not get it totally easy either.  Gallery of the fight

They fought as ams the battles were not defensive show cases why should it be anything for Jairo and Christian Santibaez as pros especially in their hometown with TV cameras around.  Christian despite a cut just beyond the eye was not about to allow Jairo a stoppage or KO.  Jairo had his pride.  It was hard fought contest of wills.....which Jairo narrowly won!  Gallery of the fight.

Omar Figuroa wants a name for himself...Henry Auld got in the way....of a fright train.  Very quickly in the first round well we knew it was not going to distance.  A right photographed just a split second after its impact round 1.  Omar could say in Latin Veni, Vidi, Vici or en Espanol Vine yo vi que conquisté I cam I saw I conquered Henry Auld was more small rock then a speed bump

Joseph Rodriguez is a nice guy...friendly a bit eccentric a guy you would have a good time fishing with.  He does not the kind of guy who you would regret stepping into a boxing ring with.  Elio David Ruiz midway through round 1 was figuring out that well sometimes geeks can make boxing rings rough places to be when you are in one with them.  At the end of the 2nd it was clear TKO 2:58 round 2



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