Fight Report Unfinished Business March 26,2011 text and photos Esteban Erik STipnieks


Red, Green, Yellow the three colors of the fight unfinished business at the San Antonio event center. For a couple local boxers the fights ended in knockouts….either red or green depending on your point of view. For others in their victories a faint touch of caution could be expressed. I will add Gabriel Carlin displayed courage in his selection of opponents. I also hate to say that to some extent one risk did not pay off. The night ended with some controversy…..

The first bout of the night did not go the distance one guy had skills wanted to win and had an opponent that Charlie of Starkist might recognize. Rolando Campos won it by Knockout in 62 seconds. You have a point deducted for hitting after the bell in response to a shot you received a split second after the bell….drop him for good in the 2nd round. That is precisely what Campos did. (gallery of the fight)

Do two 10-9 rounds make for a 10-8 round where you were dropped, only if they were legit 10-9 rounds. Deshaun out of Galveston dropped local Adrian Gonzales in round #2. Adrian came back in my opinion but not enough according to the judges to win the fight. The scores were tight. Deshaun won it no hometown decision in San Antonio.

I will begin the next with a correction. Hall likes Mexican food….but he would agree with the Ms Sa Pageant director with its effect on training. Hall does not like eating Mexican food during training…I suspect however he is eating Mexican food this morning. He did display ring rust even as the tried to hit for six round (I do use a cricket term because Hall is from originally south shields England) 1. His bombs away slightly wide looping punches while leaving him open for a couple counters did not leave him his blistering attack continued into round 2 where the runs were scored and 1:28 round 2 Rudy Paz dropped and the fight tended. gallery of the fight

It was ugly it was without a clear winner there was some MMA action (grappling) but there were bombs thrown by both sides. My notes ring side have plenty of question marks plenty of wondering. The judges felt the same way draw Eddie Tiggs V Diego Mireless. gallery of the fight

What happens with last minute replacements? They do not last two long 2 rounds to be exact. Gregory Guiterrez of Robstown notched another victory. small gallery of the fight

Ivan Najara making his pro debut notched a in by 2nd knockout 15 seconds pretty impressive victory. The head was not always open….no problem of Ivan….land some wicked body shots instead. So by the second round with the lower foot blasted out it the tree toppled. 2 additional photos of the fight

Now normally you would expect fighters with close ties to the promoter get the canned tuna and have easy victories. Carlin has cojones and Joseph Rios found himself in a fierce battle. The fourth man in the ring was Yanez both men wanting to fight him they had to defeat the man in front of them to do so. Rios won early on it was Rafael Casias making it interesting for the first two rounds. A boxing reporter upon hearing the match said “if casias was hurt he will drag it out.” Thankfully for local fight fans the bout proved to be halfway between the predictions….in short the capacity crowd got its moneys worth. large gallery including 2 pre-fight arrival candids of both boxers

Cantu won by fourth round knockout could hardly be called a blow out. James Cantu dropped Hill with a low blow third round when told continue or lose by ….Hill’s corner commented “That’s bullshit” they continued James Cantu won in the fourth.  Had the blow not been low? Is the mystery of the bout.  In the post fight analysis I hate to say this but Cantu did not look impressive. Yes in the fourth body attack strong performance. The light while looking green has a whole lot of yellow in it to me. galley of the fight

The show was sold out the capacity crowd did get their moneys worth. I could think there with Deshauns bout, Rios’s bout, and the eccentric Englishman the capacity crowd got its money worth. While a storm cloud appeared on the horizon for Cantu for Gabriel Carlin I would like to say the morning fog thinned out some. It’s these cards that build up the sport and who knows maybe 09 and Dominion crowd might get involved as well in supporting these quality local shows.

Unrecognized but cheering the fighters on were local amateur national ranking aspirant Patricia Cuevas and female professional slight delay in her return to the ring (more later) Celina Salazar. 

more text intensive and slightly different perspective on bouts....from Joseph Herron of the examiner




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