What's with the Links to The Examiner explanation Esteban Erik Stipnieks



Greetings boxing fans: last two reports you have no doubt noticed links to a new site with Joseph Herron covering local boxing. I am pretty sure you want an explanation. A couple things I do realize the weaknesses of this site.

I may shoot boxing with  normal to telephoto lense. You may want to parry and slip when you look at my photographs. My writing style is the opposite. In the long run I write with a wide angle lens linking an often greater narrative to what is going on. As a dyspraxic I see the greater picture relationships. This makes for much of the coffee house writing which I am so proud of. Joseph Herron likes this approach he does have a different approach. While my writing is at 20- 28mm wide angle narrative this allows the viewer to see fights the personalities in context. People may not know local boxers from Adam or Eve. People may not care till they see some of ironies or dramatic plotlines going on. Once this established you can see his approach on the text is close to 50-55mm offering more detail once you get knowing the faces you find out a little more about their deeds. Once you know the greater story you want details he fills you in on the details. I looked at the press conference and weigh in coverage of the examiner and he used the space in a different way then I did. By linking his work you see the greater picture of from my approach and then examine the detail through his.

There is a fundamental weakness in writer/photographer at any boxing event. Photographing an event I am concerned when I am shooting about shooting it every time I raise the camera to my eye I lose much observation capability! When I am trying to get a good dramatic action shot I oddly enough am not totally watching the fight. Joseph Herron caught details I did not at Saturday’s fights. Also in terms of Cantu’s bout, he was behind Cantu’s corner I was also almost halfway to Hill’s corner within ear shot. In terms of blow by blow Joseph Herron has to paint pictures with words.

Now what do I have to offer him….examiner does not do galleries. Examiner does not have photo space for galleries. Why bring a camera when you have mine? In the near future you might see less grainy images posted on ausaboxing shot in low light conditions thanks to cooperation with the examiner. So ausaboxing is becoming the photo gallery for the examiner. I am not complaining because on paper this adds potential for web traffic into my site. There are fans of his who have not seen my site. This is a positive for ausaboxing. Money directly to me and better photo software is always nice! Additional traffic is nice as well for more monetary gain.

Well the examiner and I see eye to eye all the time…no. Joseph is not me and I am not Joseph. I have my own takes. Let’s face it the fictional character Ace from the cross-country running novel I wrote is very much me grown up. Any local boxing club any local trainer can offer their input my site since it exists to serve the community. I will repost the modified accountability rules for the site that I have posted on face book. Right now though in terms of additional facts Herron offers some nice detail once you get wider view from me. For the fan you wind up reading two pages coming from the greater context to the tight view. From fans of the examiner you start out tight then get bombarded by various images coming out with greater context. Simply put the two sites linking each other offer more like two airplanes doing the Thach weave in WWII the coverage becomes incessant.


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