Rap Rouges and UFOs great night of Boxing in Poteet Texas report and photos By Esteban Erik Stipnieks do not reuse contest without permission

reader's left to right paramdedics ambulance Eddie Tiggs

Readers left to right
angeketteter Jagdhund (John Whisler) and local color

They are called club cards…..not major events no major names people who have an outside chance of becoming names. These club cards live by the disclaimer fight card subject to change. They also can be from my perspective great fun. The fight card in Poteet Texas April 30,2011 was a rollicking combination bizarre fun good events surrounding the ring and competitive boxing inside the ring.  There might have been multiple UFO sightings over Poteet; Ford Prefect might have hitched a ride on a ship powered by improbability drive. Unlike the other card where I used it to highlight what should not have happened.     

For the fan who reads the site there were several odd ball moments of the fun and neat in addition competitive bouts (no knockouts 2 knockdowns) there were also several notable events, Mark Caloy reffing why Alice Cano worked as time keeper, there was another which involved me, also there was a member of the boxing media who gave a rather stirring rendition of the national anthem. I will link to his report to add detail to what happened (later). Now let’s get to the fights.  The scoring of which I found myself shocked to agree with a judge who I can not recall agreeing with.  

Munoz v Morin: It sputtered a bit of after Morin through a hook to the temple dropping Munoz. Munoz tied up Morin and Morin going for the early knockdown tired himself out. Munoz did have a somewhat limited comeback in the later 2 rounds. Munoz hung in and put up a fight but Morin was consistently better. This was in the category of barely doing enough to win. (Blue link at bout title has full gallery)

Sanchez v Calammaco: Sanchez displayed some promise in this bout. Sanchez the tall lanky southpaw fought the way tall lanky southpaws are supposed to. Sanchez used his reach and played the matador to Calamaco’s bull rushes (had he landed counters during this time this might have been a stoppage) Sanchez found the range with the right jab and landed a significant number of straight lefts. This was what could call a blow out without a knockout. Sanchez does have some flaws (not holding hands up all the time getting caught, ) but the ring generalship was impressive for a relatively green fighter.

Sometimes a not so clean fighter can win….Pedro Martinez did a lot of holding and hitting (Caloy deducted a point) he also forced the action. To me the math was simple you give Martinez 2 through 4 by a point you arrive at three points you take one away and then you have Roy Ovalle’s score card. Mark Trujillo was too tentative…Martinez even with less then clean fighting forced the action. Had Trujillo been more aggressive the fight would have had a different outcome. Gallery of the fight(including my ringside notes)

The night air might have chilled but inside the ring things heated up Rolando Campos stuck to his game plan carried it out to a decision victory. Isaac Gonzalez had a similar game plan and this was a fun one. Rolando did go early body the trouble was his opponent . Isaac Gonzales worked Campos hard…So this went the distance in a struggle with rounds close to call. Rolando eeked a decision on this one. Isaac did take advantage of Campos lack luster defense but Campos blasted away with just a bit more fire power. This was a great night of boxing. Gallery of the fight

The final bout began with a bit of history being made Joseph Herron who writes for other boxing outlets sang the national anthem. Yes it was one of the better renditions of the national anthem I have heard at a boxing event.  One State official commented "I didn't know that he could sing." (sounding pleasantly surprised)

  Finally we have the comeback story the other bout of the night that had a bit of happy ending. Ramiro Torres has been knocked out a few times Emilio Ledezma no longer trains him. Ramiro edged a victory his cagy experience despite being hurt (he did some hurting as well) edged a narrow victory of the pro debuter.  There was a flash knockdown very brief but very real Torres actually put his opponent on the canvas.  This was the margin if victory. Gallery of the fight Editorial comment for Ramiro you notched a win after seeing you get hammered a few times .......leave with a high note.

It was an entertaining eccentric night of boxing…..Southcoast misfired with their hardcore rap in the norteno land. It was a great party that in my not so humble opinion that too many local boxing fans missed out on.  The bouts were competitive these are local guys who trained hard and fought hard.  The eccentricities of the fight card were an entertaining accent.  


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