Traders Village Am Show Part 2repot by Esteban Erik Stipnieks photos licensed to South Texas Am coaches of boxers and the boxers pictured ONLY consider these photos as gifts given in memory of Sp5 Richard W. Joles who died April 12 1968 over Quang Ngai Province Vietnam

It is possible that his mans sacrifice enabled these photos taken on memory day weekend to be taken (pilot lived) has a listing all those who in Army Aviation who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. 



Edward Ortiz won his bout 165lb weight class

Ronnie Cantu won his bout  141lb senior division.

Fransico Martinez won his senior age division 145lb weight class

Fransico Martinez won his 145lbs senior won his senior age division bout 154lbs

Jose Rodriguez won his senior age division 154lb novice explirence level bout

Jorge Hernandez won his senior age divisn 165lb weight class novice experience level.

With a surprise uppercut Megan Mratiez won her Junior Olymic age division bout third round RSC....possible national contender 125lb weight class

Kristopher Palestraint winner Randazzo Junior Olympic 90lb weight class