Hot Am boxing in Cool Bingo Hall 5 June 2010 words and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks Photos for Coaches and boxers save em get em printed.  Photos also licensed to Staba. 


To inspire and be inspried Quico Canseco running for congress fighting for real jobs and real opportunity got the events going followed by a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.  The event also marked an event in the life of an official who was in charge of an event for the first time.  To quote Star Trek for everything there is a first time I hope for this official it is not the last.  TKO boxing club sponsored the event.

Rodolfo Silva won the first bout of the day.

James Perez won the second bout of the day.

Rodolfo Berrera won his bout sorry I can not provide the weight.

Due to webmaster error I did not get the winner of this bout needless he was not from scratch.

It was Patrica Cuevas victorious in her bout.  Gals Gallery and links to larger individual photos

Ronaldo Rios won by retirment

Bryant Vasquez won his bout

Justin Kaufmann won his bout

Jaime Jasso won his bout

Rapheal Anzules won his bout

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