Partial Report From San Fernando Gym Amateur Show


While the Maverick Plaza was the place to be for hot professional boxing action San Fernando am gym did not dissapoint.  This is a partial report Bouts 1-14 out of 25


Samantha Caudillo got the the event started with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem....then some sizzling open division bouts began.  Due to multiple tech errors on my part and the fact I had to be at both events I apologize for mislabled bouts and photos. 


David Perez west Houston won his open division 115lb weight class bout by 5-0 decision. 

Juan Mata 3-2 decision winner JO 70lb weight class

Jeremy Salazar of Guzman boxing club 5-0 decision winner 90lb JO

Guirrrelmo Sanchez won 4-1 decision 132 lb open division bout


Angel Martinez 5-0 decision open division action.

 Hermman Torrez winning open divsion 201+ by RSC round 2

Agel Martinez won by 5-0 decision 145lb open division.

Jamie Jasso 56lb division winner 3-2

Daniel Logan of Oklahoma City Elite winner 5-0 decision open division 201+

Adrien Martinez 178lb open division winner by RSC round #3

Martin Alejandro winner 5-0 90lb

Jaz Phipps RSC victor Round 1

Hector Tanajara to represent TEAM USA in Russia JO class recognized.

Martin Alejandro 90lb JO winer


Arturo Guzman 132lb open division winner



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