Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks intro paragraph copyright release to Austin Police Athletic League for fundraising purposes.  Photos released to Austin PAL and www.staba.org all boxers/coaches right click and save these photos

The student walks into the gym: “Hey Coach I got an A on my math test.” The Austin PAL volunteer gives him or her high five. “Way to knockout the test!” the volunteer says with a smile on their face. Years later the former amateur boxer now an adult, the adult struggles in a laboratory. Their drive and discipline fed by hours of athletic training meets a stroke of invention finds a way to modify a gene that knocks out for good breast cancer….all because of a vision. Chief Acevedo “I would rather educate then incarcerate” the Austin PAL boxing program is a weapon against crime the love of coaches changing lives. I have linked the Austin PAL website to this report not only because they are sponsors but three times violent crime has taken people I cared about. The time spent on these photos was donated in loving memory Diane Tilly and Cari Crews (I knew them both). Quite simply I back Acevado’s approach change the life of one of Austin Youth you can change the world for the better.   I encourage all those who read this report to donate to the program. 

Police Chief Aceveado "I would rather educate then incarcerate"                     The Chief and PAL Phil Cantatore

Jesus Chavez for the 2nd year in row has put on amateur boxing clinic and camp in Austin.  Austin PAL co sponsored the event.  This 17 bout show was the end of the event with drawings for prizes and acted as a fund raiser.  17 hot bouts at the Palmer event center

With thunder the day got started Isaac Rodriguez won a well fought first bout 141lb weight class

Sabastian Salinas won this bout in the 70lb weight class

Jesus Garcia won his bout at 125lbs in another solid competitive bout.

Ivan Salinas won another solid bout at 105lbs

Trevon Green won his bout 79lbs

Jose Santos won his bout at 125lbs

Dillon Canizales won his bout 158lbs

Rudy Favela won his bout 72lbs

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Thanks to www.ramosboxing.com who paid for half my gasoline to go up to the event.