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The year is 2018 a rookie beat officer witnesses a horrific murder acting quickly according to his training the capital murderer is arrested brought to trial and convicted. The police officer could have been a bully instead through Austin PAL and their Explorer program the intellect and drive of youth was directed to service of her fellow citizens. While those who knew the victim might have a lifetime of grief, their consolation was a murderer had been brought to justice by a life changed for the better by Austin PAL.  “I would rather educate then in carcerate” Police Chief Acevedo. By empowering through donations these police officers and civilians who donate their time to the youth of Austin you help turn on a light. I The time spent on these photos was donated in loving memory Diane Tilly and Cari Crews.   I knew both murder victims.  Quite simply I back Acevado’s approach change the life of one of Austin Youth you can change the world for the better. I encourage y'all to donate to Austin PAL

While the AC of Barton Center may have been cool the action in the ring was hot as the cloudless July Austin sky

Jessie Martinez won his bout in 132lb weight class

Fernando Cordaway won his bout 110lbs

Ryan Karl won his open division bout 141lbs

Gabriel Martinez won 66lbs

Raymond Guajardo won 78lbs

Joe Angel Martinez won his bout

Johnathan Rangel won his bout 85lbs

Victor Gonzales won his bout 105lb weight division

The last bout of the day ended with real sizzle open division 155lb class with Leonard Sarate a winner. 


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