History Made at La Villitia(report photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks do not repost photos without permission from Esteban Erik Stipnieks)



Sometimes its hard to escape oddities...in boxing they are almost expected.  Its just hard to predict how and when the bizzarre would happen.  La Villitia the historic old town of San Antonio with history dating before Boston was the scene of some 7/13/13 lets face it it was Ladies Night at Blood Sweat and Tears not that the male bouts went anywhere near script!  On the female boxing side of things an old face reappeared as new history was made and from 7/12/13 to 7/13/13 female boxing past linked with female boxing present. 

The plaza before the action began

The only male fight that went the distance....Jermalos may have had a losing record....but well last night we found out he learned.  The fight was not pretty so to speak but with the score cards 40-37, 39-37,38-38 and my score card 39-37 after the addition error is fixed he won the fight. 

KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!  Even if you got real power if you lack defense well Alberto Robles provided a sucky sophomore lesson for John Arevelo.  John wanted a brawl while Alberto Robles got tagged a couple times he did the most tagging and with a lack luster defense by Arevelo forgetting the most basic of lessons in boxing (Keep YOUR HANDS UP) it ended 59 seconds of the fourth round.  In the third Arevelo's lack of defense was telling in the fourth Alberto Robles and his corner knew that they needed to do and they did it.  He saw the opening and took advantage of it.

No action shots what do you call fight that lasted 26 seconds?  Adam Castillo while having some skills as an am Germaine Carson landed an exclamation point first punch of the fight.  While you can complain about the shots landed after Castillo was hurt and holding (hints of controversy) Germaine Carson made a point at punch one.  Castillo was visibly hurt.

With Humberto Fonseca's fight you KNEW it would not go the distance.  Fonseca's face had some visible damage even after round 1 and he was tiring.  This was off set by well he he landed to the body and head it was quite obvious that things were happening to his opponent that were not good.  It lasted less then a full three.  Heavy hands did heavy damage Ronnie Hale out of Austin was dropped.

Anguinallo v the Mongoose these two locals who I have lots of respect for will be fighting two weeks from now.  Expect a great struggle between the first bell and the last bell expect great sportsmanship after the fight.  One is ex con who found Christ the other's father and trainer is respected in Christian circles as well as boxing circles. 


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