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The first big female name out of San Antonio might laugh that Urslo Perez was a judge ringside for the first female world title bout.  However out of respect for Mary Wells that story belongs 2000.  Mia St John might have a similar ah so reaction to his presence.  Out of that era at San Fernando gym there is a grandpa who worked hard at San Fernando gym.  That though was the past that integrated with the rich history of La Villitia as San Antonio boxing history wove into history Cuidad San Antonio.

Fuentes and Ruiz shortly after arrival at La Villitia

Larger Fuentes(photo) in Ring Pre fight                                               Larger Ruiz(photo) In the Ring Pre-fight

For boxing fans the first round provided reason for fear Ruiz cornered Fuentes and it looked like a KO was inevitable

Rounds two and three it seemed that Fuentes took advantage of Ruiz not protecting herself at all times during the break she might have taken 1 of those rounds.

For Several rounds it was an exchange fest Funetes was to Ruiz what Ruiz had been to previous title opponents one tough customer NOT GIVING ground but Ruiz managed to win more rounds then as weariness set in.

Ruiz knew she was ahead but Fuentes hearing the 10 second mallet tape initiated the action making this a fight to through all 10 rounds prompting one in the crowd to say the women fight better then the men.

Even a Fuentes Supporter could tell that Ruiz was was winning the fight and was visibly disappointed.

awaiting decision

Fuentes is talented exposing some chinks and as I predicted it was a brawl.  Christina Mandy Fuentes deserves kudos I did send other picture of the fight that show some moments of Fuentes as well.  The simple fact of the matter is one woman made history last night the first female world champion from San Antonio, who fought in San Antonio to win her belt. 


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