Legends Past Present and Future Weigh in Ojos Locos report and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks (on the photos if they were not in your email you do not have permission to use em)



Kim Messer the fireball has a story.  Her career as a boxer as female boxing hit the mainstream she was explosive aggressive and a hero of two nations.  She is a nice person and truly a legend.  Maverick Plaza in La Villitia is historic venue and well in San Antonio lore it is where soldiers of Spain found entertainment... perched on the frontier.....wonder what they would think of Ruiz the voice of native pride v Fuentes who has held on her primarily Spanish side.  Ruiz is constantly in constant for Mandy Fuentes this is a shot at possibly a return to the big time.  Ruiz is fighting to stay relevant.  Kim Messer has once been in there shoes.

The Champion who still well shows while males loved her with two waitresses and two Corona Girls Ojos Locos 410 hosted the weigh in

Team Fuentes with the hardware they want

Am boxing coach and NISD cop from San Fernando gym

The Queen and two contenders Which one will enter legend status

Christina Ruiz 118

Mandy Fuentes 115

Posing post weigh in

Consecon 262

Castillo 157                                                       Jermain Carson 156.25


Arevalo 156.5 his opponent 155

The females are the main event but with Arevelo going for 2-0 and another pro debut will they grow to be local legends?

GATES OPEN AT 5PM Maverick Plaza La villita tickets still available to see San Antonios first female title battle in historic downtown SA. 



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