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It was marathon event but it gave fans a great show.  17 amateur bouts followed by a Pro show at the Alamo done.  Leija Battah along with Golden Boy provided an all you can eat boxing buffet filled with variety.  You had knockouts, had fought battles and then to make things interesting controversy.  Due to the volume of fights and intensity of competition I am going to break this report into several sections

Amateur report part 1(gallery included)

Gallery of Female Open division Rioanna Rios Defeats Cuevas

Rest of Amateurs the thrilling climax results and gallery

After a brief intermission the pros began....This pro card had something for everybody it started out with some roaring knockouts

Joseph Herron did a profile on him Benjamin Whittaker had Jermain Carson holding on at times for dear life during round 1 round 2 with smack and a spectacular KO it ended 2:33

The Next fight Amador V Deshaun Ansell had a spectacular 1st round KO check out fight saga for those details

Adam Lopez defeated his opponent who was iffy till 48 hours before the fight by KO

Then the event took a turn the knockouts were all but over

Steven Hall had to step up and win his early fights had been too light he blossomed in weight and the fight in the Alamo dome was a test a step up against Waco boxer Milton Ramos....It was not a success for hall but he did not get knocked out.  He slower reflexes allowed him to get caught a few times.  He did land some power shots but clearly lost the fight.  60-54,59-55,58-56 were the scores for the six rounder

Gallery of Steven Halls fight.

Javier Rodriguez while not being one of the best boxers in San Antonio and Kermit Hendricks may not be the future champions but they are what they are good local boxers who put up a good spirited fight.  Javier was the most skillfull but the fight went the distance and it was entertaining.  Scores were 40-36, 39-37

Gallery of that fight

The last Knockout of the Night was Miranda v Escalante and it was interesting for a few moments a story of boxer trying to remain relevant and the story of boxer past its prime knockout 1:19 round 2

Gallery of that fight

Jesus Rocha and Jerron Cochran had a competitive swing four rounder.  At times Cochran was the body snatcher at times he was the matador....which lead to knockdown round 2.  At times Cochran got caught.  It was an entertaining 4 rounder with Cochran winning 40-35, 39-46

Gallery of the fight

What is life without controversy what is boxing without a good debate.  Vera V Mora.  Joseph Herron had the guts to talk to the defeated Mora in the dressing room.  Brian Vera's trainer made me rethink the fight.  I did give Mora the first 5 rounds but in my mind he seemed to fade and he did get hurt a few times.  As Mora's camp pointed out though there were plenty of misses on Vera's part and even in the fade Mora did damage but ringside I wondered if Mora was hurt.  So my initial impression of Vera winning might have been incorrect.  I will decide not to call it

The 12 rounds were scored by 1 judge a draw 114-114, 118-110 for Bryan Vera, 117-111 for Vera

You can take a look at the Gallery  you saw it TV decide for yourself



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