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There is a paradox that God made men different and equal the sport of boxing at times displays this vividly. I have seen bouts where girls who had spent six to eight minutes going at it spend as much time if not longer discussing what happened cheerfully. Isabel Mayseng and her opponent actually had a girl's night out after they fought in Houston. So on mother's day we have the next episode. I am not going to say that a guy who felt that he got a gift decision would not find a way to acknowledge it. It just would happen very differently.

Let me outline the controversy the Anayeli Segura v Emily Garcia bout was scored 40-36 by all three judges. Chato one of Anayeli's trainers posted on Facebook "I am disgusted by the shut out score"

I told him and Anayeli post fight 39-37. On mother's day guess who backs us up? Actually a mother who was really close to the fight and has as much knowledge of the fight as Anayeli. The mother is none other than Emily Garcia who responded to the comment with the following "I agree the scoring was closer by the decision was far from wrong" in other posts Emily backs up my take on the fight because Anayeli put up a much tougher fight.

I have selected some photos to illustrate my point and added one to remedy the original error in my web posting. First the photo correction to give Anayeli some glory.

Next we look at round 1 the round I think Anayeli should have won and why Emily is backed into her corner surprised I scored this 10-9 Anayeli.

Next three photos are round 2 which back up Emily winning that round though it was close!

This shows the prettier side action round 3 which I narrowly had for Emily.

Finally more of the thrilling round 4.

In many respects as a boxer Anayeli was blessed. In Caples v Lord Lori Lord (wife of Richard Lord was pummeled bloodied and won) a title, Christina Ruiz hammered Emily Klinefelter and officials refused to rule 1 knockdown a knockdown two score cards disappeared and Emily Klinefelter was severely injured It was for good reason I mentioned this fight to chief official running the event I did not want history repeated. Finally Emily provides the final ironic blessing to the bout Anayeli deserves a better reputation than the 40-36 score card indicates and I think NOBODY is in the position to argue with Emily with HER take on the fight. Emily Garcia is a postwoman I think we should accept her special delivery. This is as far as you can get from Pacman's Vegas debacle kudos to both women. I think Anayeli would do well to continue her career.


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