April Fool 2011 Celina, Salina, Selina or J Lo look alike (A funny look at Female Boxing in San Antonio) Esteban Erik Stipnieks


Ok its April Fools so I have to do something funny also considering the dubious anniversary yesterday more fuel to the fire has been added. So in order to flush out some traffic I will offer Celina, Salina, or J Lo Look Alike who portrayed Selana. Let’s get this straight I flunked three out four semesters in Spanish. I listened to KFAN Texas Rebel Radio, KZEP 104.5 by all standards I was gringo in Denton. Only hints of my not so white white heritage was the fact in track season when temperatures started going up I got a little faster and I liked it better. When I ran cross-country in New Braunfels I liked a couple courses hated by gringos. So by the time in college I knew nothing of Selena.

It was a cold morning walking across the campus kind on an imaginary hypotenuse between Dickey Hall and Weir when Tim Kirkpatrick (gringo puro) announced. What I did not know was a story from my Tio Rene’s history. He did some time in the Army and he had been flown back to Corpus Christi and was trying to get home to Alice. He was walking and then comes a car full of bunch of musicians….one of them would be known as the father of Selena. Naturally the ride was interesting…..it was a good thing so the story was told that they were not stopped like man cheech some 10 years plus previous before the antics of Cheech would make things famous. Well hey La Cucaracha always makes life he made the trip to San Antonio.

So we have Salina Barrios feared who sparred with Christina Ruiz as an amateur, 130lbs

We have Celina Salazar who fought with Christina Ruiz twice as a pro around 120lbs

We had Valeria Flores who looked like JLO when she fought any questions? ( in the red)

I have not asked Mr. Barrios, Mr. Salazar if they named their daughters for Selina.


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