Does Chato have a chance? photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved

Cantu   is a local favorite but not without…..Chato has not been the most active but….can we see a surprise. In my opinion yes this maybe or may not be interesting. Yes Chato has a body shot, Yes he is fast.  Yes their might be an artillery battle center of the ring at close range.  The possibility of interesting and Chato landing some real body shots blasting Cantu is whisk of intrigue into the fight card. Even another boxing reporter (name ommitted) commented unsolicited James Cantu V Jose Chato Martinez said its a great match up with a real possibility controversial decision or draw! 

Tickets San Fernando gym, Knock u Out Barbershop (Drexel@ South Hackberry), Angels Boxing Club, Team Azteca Boxing Club, San Antonio Men’s club . 

We will find out Gates Open 6:30 October 16 2010 San Antonio Event Center.


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