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 Underneath the shadow of ESPN Radio and KTSA lies a boxing gym.  Its called Fast Katz.....

                                                           Looking up Cuevas click for larger photo 

looking up Cuevas (click for larger photo)                 Looking down (click for larger photo)

It is the home of a stunning young woman. Patricia Cuevas while stunning the crowd at Armed Forces boxing championships getting national attention was surprised herself as an old face in local boxing barely beat her at San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves. This moment revealed the catch about having 5 potential national champions the catch is well 2 are same gender same weight class. Well there is some unfinished business. (Make that 4 Kendo Castenada reports he broke his foot) Correction Kendo played an April's fools joke!  Well more work for me!  So the boxer that does not look like one has a date to deal with that unfinished business with Marlen Esparza scheduled to settled May 15. 

In corner click for larger picture                          Need defense click for larger photo

 cuevas attacks(click for larger photo)                      A little defense click for larger photo

Kemi charges click for larger photo                          Cuevas clinch click for larger photo

                                                                                    Cuevas corner click for larger photo 

Cuevas concentration click for larger photo            short straight Cuevas click for larger photo

   HOldin on for larger photo                                 Patricia stalks click for larger photo

Lookin for opening

Cuevas throws ( click blue link for larger pic)          click for larger picture (cuevas in corner)

Cuevas corner 2(click blue for larger photo)           Cuevas Parries click for larger photo

cuevas eats click for larger photo                           click for larger photo after the spar

She had a grueling sparring session with several partners. 

click for larger picture cuevas catching her breath                          Cuevas Double end 1

Cuevas Heavy 1 (click blue for larger picture)     Cuevas heavy bag 2 click for larger photo

She is mild mannered and meek outside but take a look at this training session I shot. Intense in competition and training. 

Cuevas gloves 1 click for larger photo

Cuevas heavy bag 3                                                       Cuevas bag four                                     

click for larger photo Cuevas mitts 1                       Cuevas mitt 750 pixel

She is quietly tough she does have help from her friends




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