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The cartoons of termite terrace from the Warner Brothers movie lot are widely regarded as American classics. In the 1990s an attempt was made to recapture the magic with a cartoon TV series the Animaniacs this was in addition to Tiny Toon adventures. The Animaniacs were truer to the subtler points of commentary slid beneath slap stick comedy of Bugs, Daffy and others. It was a Termite Terrace short without the animated stars though that strangely enough describes a continuing theme in San Antonio boxing. Right now….. We are stuck with only one gender being applicable to the cartoon. In all fairness one possibly 2 female amateurs (no longer active) and one female pro (no longer active her father no longer a part of the boxing world Bianca is the pros first name) at one time lived up the cartoon itself. Had I had the cajones or the integrity to write this back then grief would have been saved.

The cartoon as I recall was about a little chicken forced to box by his proud overbearing rooster father who took a beating in fight but fate intervenes and drum falls on his opponent head and the little chicken winds the fight by playing the bongos. This bit memory is like fragment of a past life recovered or the fictional Dave Bowman recalling the life he once lived before he became the star child. For all practical purposes every memory of mine made before 6pm May 1 1991 are memories of a person who ceased to exist by the time I was watching Tiny Toons on a dorm TV at Schreiner.

The bible says before you remove a splinter out of your brothers eye first get the log out of yours. So in fairness to the fathers involved my behavior as a son towards my father put mildly leaves a lot to be desired! What do you call teenager and man in his early 20s who considers his dad to have morals of a whore but will more than gladly learn to fly being mentored by his whore like father because his whore like father is one heck of a good pilot. It is a reasonably safe bet that unlike Adam, Javier, Bianca, (I am leaving amateurs out of this one (This limb is thin I do not need to get further out) my pursuit of my father's desires (aviation) were done with a casual manipulation of the parent towards a desired ending FLIGHT. David Gilmour in the Pink Floyd's (Gilmour edition) hit "Learning to Fly" (The song was released as a single Momentary Lapse of Reason Album/CD and was a part of Delicate Sound of Thunder double CD set and home music video) accurately described the joy of actually flying this way: Above the clouds on a wail of breath my grubby halo a vapor trail in the empty air above the clouds I see my shadow fly out of the corner of my watering a dream un threatened by the morning light could blow this soul straight through the roof the night" would you believe those lines filled my head from lift off to turning cross-wind on my solo flight out of Alliance. To get back to the point of this paragraph the fact my solo did in deed mean something to my old man was well irrelevant to the joy of soloing at Alliance Fort Worth. So I hope my own candor is the sugar coating on a bitter pill. A counter to this commentary is that it was written by a disrespectful son who has all but disowned his old man and gone out of his way to diminish his mother's achievements as an educational professional.

I am supposed to look at facts first…..Javier Rodriguez admitted at a press conference HIS DAD wanted him to fight and his dad demanded he go the gym. With Adam Lopez the public record is not so clear (so call that speculation on my part). To maintain a sense of balance the man who at the time I disliked strongly did not have to ask me twice if I wanted controls of a Comanche 180 (the airplane has 2 sets) The terror of taxing the thing for the first time on a crowded airport with a less then straight centerline for the taxi was exceeded by the joy of doing so. My observations about Adam and Javier have been confirmed by others as two boxers who are very much like (kicking the live wire) Tony Ayala was before my journey through the valley of rebirth was. My contact with Adam's dad (who did not like my take on his weight issue an am) and the strange finish to Battle of the Ballpark has heightened this impression.

Now why write this and stir up trouble? For me the question was: do I care about the two dads I am writing about. This project was not started till the answer was in the affirmative. A woman who will recall as a beloved sister in Christ had the guts to verbally slap me across the face one dark night of my life. Well in the past did it have a happy ending for insert either Ayala or Ledezma. I need not go into details publically known details people can recall it is not a happy memory it was not a positive outcome. The picture for both gets worse with more details and painful for those involved. After the battle of the ball park I may have been public but others were starting the wave the BS flag about locally overhyped boxers. I even overheard some humor about it all (Animaniacs, and Warner Brothers Cartoon humor only worked because there was truth to it). There is a possibility I might be wrong about the dynamic between father and son so we may not have dos Pepitos (name of the small chicken in the warner brothers cartoon) yet if I am right I am yet to see this common thread end as positively as the cartoon did. Like an observer of the movie Carrie "Don't tip the bloody bucket on her the ending will be really really bad!" I am hoping I am not screaming to the silver screen. We all know what happens when Carrie gets her prom dress covered in blood and suffice to say it ain't a happy ending. TO the best of my knowledge it had been changed from what was advertised at the Traders Village show.

So well this editorial is written for two audiences…to one crowd I understand your frustration and I see your growing cynicism….to the other faithful are the wounds of a friend deceitful are the kisses of an enemy. When in boxing history has a ring father had either a happy child or positive outcome long term? No what I say was not pleasant then again my friend was not soothing the night Ronnie Joe Neil was sentenced to death Thank God for her wounds which set me right. I say that as near 40 year old man who regrets in part using his old man misleading him. Perhaps I have learned the hard way the value of truth.


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