Iowa Decides to DO Nothing Editorial  Esteban Erik Stipnieks


Sunday February 6th I was rattled concerned for Emily Klinefelter and determined never to allow it again. I started this website when I was a substitute teacher. A good substitute teacher will tell you that having a reputation for writing up students and being the disciplinarian means inevitably one had more options in the classroom….more often than not where you have established a reputation for not allowing the students to run wild and accomplishing the lesson plans inevitably you have to do it less and can do more fun things for the students in accomplishing the lesson plan.

The editorials and faxes after Ruiz v Klinefelter were singularly intended to set the example so such conduct would not be repeated. The goal was to make boxing safer. ABC did take swift and certain action against Iowa. There however needed to be additional action in my opinion. There was sarcasm in a page title (The song remains same) when I did the Holly Holm editorial. Like my fictional characters I can use sarcasm as a narcotic.(Link to online novel Stephen King play on Esteban Erik)

This week I received news that the only state division in Iowa that investigated the incident in Iowa city would take no action against the person involved. The following day an email was sent asking one more time.

In short the Ruiz v Klinefelter matter is over now.

Some things learned…..

you can lose score cards in a bout where a local boxer suffers a brain bleed in Iowa…no action will be taken against you by Attorney General or District attorney. Key state documents can disappear without action taken against you.

You can have a doctor ringside with a disciplinary history and the promoter will not be punished in Iowa

Lenny Fresquez completely ignored the warning from Iowa we saw what happened Holm V Mathis.

Fail to punish wrong doing more wrong doing continues…..the song remains the same.

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