The Fighting Female From Fredericksburg Texas and San Antonio's Forgotten Fighter words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all photo reproduction must have permission from Esteban Erik Stipnieks!


The two women mark the extremes in Ramos boxing for the female 18 and over crowd. One should have had a title belt around her narrow waist. The other is just starting relatively late but in pursuit of a goal. Their middle partner bridging the gap was not present. So as cold air slid in from the north and warm air of El Nino slid over the top as the weather was marked by the two extremes of their ancestry and geography the two worked out on the same night.

click for larger photo of Celina jumping rope

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The warm Mexican air which generated the El Nino rainfall was personified by the quiet dignity of Celina Salazar the professional woman who should have worn a title belt around her narrow waist. She is San Antonio's forgotten fighter the bout is forgotten or has been white washed by the charismatic Phillipina Ana Julaton. Celina Salazar has not forgotten boxing but Shelly Vincent's people have forgotten or have chosen to ignore a challenge via Twitter. Celina while being a winner in the ring has not caught the eye of a major promoter or local press. Never mind the fact that woman who worked in a cemetery provided a large serving of crow Tex Mex style in Cancun to Ana Julaton who I hear has cooking experience. It is a fact that Julaton omits when she talks to the press. The fact that Ana Julaton pulled the belt at the last minute is also lost in boxing media. The fact that belt was pulled and she lost are inconvient truths. Shelly Vincent who has forgotten the tweet maybe the foul Julaton has a recipe for…mi wela made it with rice we all know arroz con _____. The trouble with Celina is that she lacks the charisma and drama that are hallmarks of my distant cousin Christina Ruiz. Christina has had trouble related to her fights but does not suffer from lack of them.

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The other female hails from a town I have fond memories of. There are two German towns in Texas one was truly warped and gosh darn it I was in the thick of the warped side of it. The other German community did not have as residents former Nazi rocket scientists under the employ of the US government or never had as athletes representing their high school family axis World War II combat vets…Then there is that other town marks the northwestern boundary of a rich art community. For many years trips through that city were marked by a radio station that had guts to play song about 1 armed ditch digger that married a stiff followed by Bob Marley, Reo Speedwagon or Willie and Waylon and the boys. That town is Fredericksburg Texas and it provided a true American Champion Admiral Nimitz. Her name is Andrea Treibs and she spends a couple nights a week down here to train. Yes that is a Fredericksburg Billie's soccer sweat shirt. The Billie goat is the mascot of Fredericksburg high school. The Billie goat survived on the hills of Texas and provided a stable source of income (the critter was tougher than a long horn). There are many quirks of that town which helped spin Texas music in distinct direction in the 1970s. Lets just say it got off the LA free way and it did not get killed or caught on the way to Lukenbach. Gillispie County/Fredericksburg voted AGAINST seceding from the union while they more or less maintained a peace treaty with the Comanche. Andrea Treib's ancestors (she is a Tex German) probably voted to stay with Lincoln. Will Andrea's quiet character have the ferocity of Nimitz?

click for larger photo of Andrea working bag

click for larger photo of Andrea working bag

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Andrea is a beginner starting her boxing journey as an amateur who will compete in the San Antonio Golden gloves. She now overnights in San Antonio a couple nights a week. Celina is a seasoned who earned a world title as a pro. The gal who should have had a world title is one the most ducked female boxers in history. They shared the gym floor and worked out. The lighter slender Celina and stout blond from the same county that gave us Admiral Nimitz. They both train at Ramos boxing club.


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