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Once upon a time at 8505 Broadway there was a venue where boxing took place. I photographed a female bout involving a now retired Valeria Flores, I talked to Trini Guzman who had a fight in Georgia recently at the same event and several males were on the card who are now retired. Now I returned to the same address and found a hotel on the spot and at the weigh in for the event at Freeman (gates open at 4pm and bouts start at 5pm for the Non Televised portion) there will be lots of time for food and other festivities for those who attend the card live. There will also only be a couple of fighters from the Austin San Antonio area. However another side of boxing reveals itself.

One thing I take seriously is a non-standard approach to covering boxing so call this report three stories off the beaten path of coverage of this event which has been impacted by women. Christina Ruiz is fighting Shelly Vincent in early April (Ruiz is now really behind the 8 ball) could the extra training be why same trainer. That boxer was on the card when I talked to Carlos Sacriste at Randazzo's amateur show. We are left from a local standpoint Armando who struggled a bit to make weight and Travell Mazion who has left the tutelage of Ann Wolfe.

Vyacheslav Shabranskyy has left the Ukraine and been in the USA for three years. He made weight and commented the only part of the Alamo City he as seen has been the area around the hotel since Monday evening. He has been training in LA and never allows himself to get out of condition for fights. His child was born a US citizen and his wife lives here too well on the way to becoming American completely which contrasts to the Ukrainian boxer who died fighting Russian aggression in the war there. Timothy Snyder the historian points out that there were two genocidal maniacs in Europe the Georgian devil's (Stalin) scratch mark in addition to estrogen is also on this card.

Travell Mazion like James Kirkland has left Ann Wolfe and is now training in the South Austin boxing gym his trainer used to be of Remember Only Christ King boxing club (back when Valeria Flores fought in the building that occupied that address) Travell runs 8 miles a day and is working out the contract never falling out of shape. To give you an idea how much has trained he runs near Bastrop not by Town I mean lady bird lake. He has been with the new trainer for 5 months. One humorous moment was hotel staff cheering him on wanting him to win by knockout first round she loved his cute face.

Armando Cardenas was wearing his US Postal service gear had some difficulty with the weight he is over six feet tall and under 150lbs. He hopes to deliver another knockout victory at the Freeman.

This will be the first professional boxing event since Oscar Diaz was buried his passing almost a quiet event yet for several people involved with the card was not far from thought. Old opinions about Oscar's last fight remain in fact they have grown stronger the passage of time and those memories maybe a protection for the fighters tomorrow. Jessie James Leija can at times share both wisdom and compassion never forgetting he was once a fighter.


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