A World Title Fight On Holiest of Holy Days 2015 Editorial Esteban Erik Siptnieks


Location Denton High School Ryan Campus Training Room Spring 1994(We were still Broncos then): Trainer Sharon Winn was a bit confused and somewhat irritated an athlete who ran the 3200 in track had well ceased to be a regular for treatment after his workouts. She had gotten to know him the previous track season and cross-country season. He had a chronic injury that began as a partial birth defect and was worsened in JROTC before he became a Bronco. The injury itself was not severe but rather chronically annoying swelling stiffness requiring constant attention during the season. There was also a twinge of fear he was the son a senior school district official. What she did not know was that 2nd time in as many years for reasons best explained by metaphysics the injury for all practical purposes was over 50% healed. The feeling of the knee resembled the feeling he had his first cross-country season a Bronco: the runner felt uninjured. This fact allowed the controlled intermural sparring between young believer in Christ (the athlete) and old believer in Christ with a bad habit (the coach of the distance runners) to occur along biblical lines. It was a conflict his senior year that had one flare up where positions were defined. The knee had taken more abuse his first season as Bronco cross-country runner he ran wild putting stress with turns and harsher acclerations on the course litterally running wild. In training logs his name would show up once his final track season as Bronco and that was before district. While the parental relationships of the Athlete would generate many of the issues Jill Morley would describe in her sparring for Golden Gloves athletics would blend with spiritual matters along an invisible weld that would get strengthened his final season as a runner. As an adult he would be unable to be around his parents under certain circumstances. The background of the athlete who was raised by the Great Santina of the classroom (a woman who despised maternal tenderness) and weak man she married (who despite this) earned in many respects the title CW4 Maris Santini who unlike Don Conroy (unofficial name sake) managed to wear USA in international competition as A PILOT! It was an all female Soviet squad than again his brother was in the waffen SS. Well when he told 1 boxer (unnamed) who is same sex parent "Being raised by two dads sucked" was heartfelt from bitter experience. The final chapter in the saga of the injury would forver fuse together the athletic realm with the super natural leaving no distinction or separation between the two worlds and on that note we begin.

This editorial will seemingly be long and complex basically it deals with three separate threads that joined to make one series of events and each thread needs some background information. Under my own rules I CAN NOT USE this site for political purposes so I will attempt objectivity. When the political transfers into the moral I will make no such pretense.

I will begin with the thread of that according to sight rules requires OBJECTIVITY. Last week there was a big controversy regarding Indiana and Later Arkansas religious Freedom protection act. These acts were condemned by Barack Obama and members of LGBTQ community on the grounds that they feel such acts would make it legally possible to discriminate against members of LGBTQ community and even possible for a gay couple to be denied service at restaurant. The other argument was based on 4 businesses who refused to provide service to 4 different gay weddings and were later sued. The most recent case was a wedding venue in New York, There was a Florist who refused to show up at a gay wedding to deliver floral arrangements, there was also a baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding, and finally a case out of New Mexico where a photographer refused to photograph a gay wedding. All businesses involved cited conscience the florist that was fined complained that her showing up to the wedding constituted support. The opposing view in support of the Indiana and later Arkansas religious freedom restoration act was that the right to conscience extends to business and the businesses used in advocates of such act were forced to participate in a ceremony they had objection to. This debate occurred the week of Easter and Shelly Vincent V Christina Ruiz fight.

With the time difference between Rhode Island and Jersusalem figured in about the time of the Ruiz v Vincent weigh in the passover supper of Christ and the disciples had been completed and Christ was in Garden of Goethsenme revealing the fact he was all God and all man asking that the cup of wrath and execution he would be facing be taken from him but NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE. Naturally three hours at the weigh in I would be going through a commemeration of the passover with 12 other participants and 2 teachers. Tounge in Cheek what do you expect from a nephew of Latvian Legion member who fought in the battle of Riga who happened to be a Hispanic. My exposure to brutal World War 2 realities began with the intermingling of two songs written by jewish men. My father competed against an all Soviet team September 1989. My first athletic competition would end with my butt smoked by a girl from Houston.

The time span of Passover to Easter Unlike Christmas which was NOT Celebrated in Puritan New England till much later Good Friday-Easter have a clear date tag the Jewish Passover. One thing I heard from devout Catholic woman (she taught me Latin) a graduate of a leading Southern Baptist seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary is that December 25 was the LEAST LIKEY date for Christ's birth. What is celebrated at Christmas has a lot to do with Norse mythology and left over Saturnalia traditions. This combo makes a surprising degree of continuity between German, hispanic and Latvian traditions. By the time Ruiz fought Vicent in Rhode Island the precise anniversary of the most ironic statement in the bible "May his blood be upon us and be on our children" had been said 2015-33 (difference in aniversary years).

Easter is the resolution guitar solo in Sultans of Swing (original single release) or the Guitar Solo at the Pink Gilmour's On the Turning Away the version the song that was released Momentary Lapse of Reason Album. I will also add that there are varying ways of looking at Good Friday within Christendom. Summed up Easter Sunday for some Christians (since we look at knowing how it ended) is the return to longer notes at the End of Sultans of Swing or the resolving notes of the Solo after the Time Signature changed from 4/4 to 2/2 the resolution of tension that basically climaxed on Good Friday.

The Climax of Good Friday occurs in a very narrow time frame with a very tight audio track lasting a very short time "It is finished"RIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! "Surely this man was the son of God" The ripping sound came of Christ's pronouncement it is finished and his death. By the time of the first bell in the RUiz v Vincent fight the bulk of holiness moments had happened. Christiandom was waiting for the resolution. The temple veil was torn top to Bottom. Now one has to be mindful of temple veil's significance from Old Testament it was a place only the high priest could enter on certain days and he had to be "clean" there were several instances when a high priest was not and his carcass had to be removed by the rope tied to his ankle. Fighter pilots would later develop many crass ways of describing how corpses in similar condition looked crispy critter. Even in the New Testament a certain high priest was Mute after encountering an angel in the holy of holies. His wife had to tell the news she was the mother of John the Baptist the return of. The fact that it was torn top to bottom meant that God had done it and well a new covenant was declared accepted as if the sky growing dark at 3pm and the earthquake were not sufficient. Oh yes Christ did not have bone broken and darkness fell after his death like the Passover lamb.

By the time Good Friday ends (the time of Ruiz v Vincent fight) Christians particularly evangelicals go through the bulk what is sacred to them no longer slaves to sin, made right to stand before God all that is lacking promise of eternity (wait for Sunday). From a musical stand point we are left just the final resolving notes to that diffuse the tension that had been built up and send the listener away feeling energized.

On the surface it appears that if the LGBTQ community wanted to offend Christendom a world title fight on Good Friday between two women who probably despise the Indiana law would be perfect timing. Yet deeper things are not what they appear to be. Reverend Fred Phelps simply put was far from main stream Evangelical. The bible says as much if not more about pornography, self-abuse, and good ol fashioned hetero lust as it does about homosexuality. In fact Denton Bible Church's pastor within weeks of the Ellen coming out controversy without mentioning the man's name (he appeared on Entertainment tonight) blasted the hypocrisy involved: since certain male action heroes known for promiscuity were glorified by the same person that appeared on entertainment tonight. A gay boxer is no different than any hetero male who really enjoyed a weigh in at either a strip club or Hooters. The most accurate translation of one bible verse states that all good deeds are like blood soaked tampax in comparison the righteousness of God. Good Friday is about a totally innocent man paying the price for totally guilty humanity. The believer on Good Friday should be contemplating that at the moment of conversion NOTHING ABOUT THEM was likable to God. Mel Gibson's choice of when to show himself in his movie about the Passion of the Christ is oh so appropriate. Bonhoffer's take the cup was removed only after it was consumed to its most bitter dregs by an innocent one to remove the guilt of those who so richly deserve it Bonhoffer includes himself as one who deserved it. So what does this mean well since all likely hood Christians could cheer on either Shelly or Christina even while they were contemplating far deeper things when the fight occurred and post-fight offer cheers of celebration or hugs of condolence despite disagreement on many core issues. Good Friday is about unwarranted but transforming love after all an Easter Sunday is the transition into a new era


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