Leija Battah Opening New Frontiers beneath It All (Thanks)



The numbers are staggering 2:30-to 10:30 123, 160, 180 pictures....for the boxing fan I try to provide a different angle on major pro events.  On facebook I am a member of Dyspraxia Texas, Dyspraxia Awareness, amoung others.  I am the unusual dyspraxic photographer while quality images, quality reports remain priority numero uno the simple fact of the matter Warren Fried and others admit that well.  I have covered three pro am shows and at OLLU well I will post the results and observations below or the boxing fan you might want to refrain from reading below because I am about to get boring technical and hard core geek.  If you are a parent of an aspy or dyspraxic, a coach, or teacher read ittalics.

Simply put each marathon shoot has revealed the validity of Yerks Dodson stress performance inverted U till a finite point of near exhaustion.  At both the Alamo Dome, and Freeman Coliseum in the later phases a rather severe drop off on accuracy.  (We will look at remedies diet going high fat 24-48 hours before) if media credential is issued.   The high fat concept is replicating what has been done for SR-71 crews when they did missions Yom Kippur war....the reason is even for dyspraxic Yerkes Dodson reveals itself throughout event till the point of drop (which was not hit at OLLU).  Yerkes Dodson states that  as stress increases performance increases to given point.  Stress beyond a given point will lead to motor performance drop off.  

Yerkes Dodon was evident after breaks where the hands were over relaxed and stimulis level had fallen low for a period of time.  This was evident where I could be counted on at OLLU missing my first shot after intermission.  (I was too relaxed) Yerkes Dodson was also proven when I knew a fighter and had an emotional connection increasing my stress past peak of U.  Relatively small changes in level of stimulation could affect performance good and bad.  These variables can be additional photographers or knowing fighter, personal interest in bout etc. 

 (Shot taken in rhythm bout going as excpted)

When a fight was going to script or as expected a rather stunning amount of accuracy can be obtained.  Yerkes Dodson becomes more pronounced as the very limits of motor capability are are approached.  The AF mode of D-40X is useful but a fair amount of lead and anticipation have to come into play.  This is easier than a manual focus camera but not much easer. 

(Jo bout listed as B grade keeper somewhat Cold hands)  


The lesson to parents and coaches of a dyspraxic adolescent are three fold

1)Familiarity breeds accuracy ( I have photographed many a round and boxed myself)

2)Teach athlete to be aware of their level of stress and to the greatest extent possible make appropriate adjustments by increasing or descreasing stress level to remain as close to peak performance over a given period of time. 

3)be mindful of changes of in environment and tempo of event  make appropriate adjustmets 

I have discussed and will continue to discuss the lessons dervived as I hang out on the edge.  It is Leija Battah and Golden Boy that enabled the extreme test and push of dyspraxic reflexes.  Mike Battah and Leija battah promotion staff never been short of professional and undestanding.  While I wear the at of boxing reporter I am also noting how the good shots are taken (not just that I can take more and give fans better action) but so I can provide guidance to younger dyspraxics and parents of Dyspraxics...Gracias Oscar De Hoya,  Gracias Mike Battah, Gracias Jessie James Leija....without the three previous shots none of this data would been obtained! 



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