Katherine Bouldin San Antonio College Student and Unlikely Boxing Heroine The Woman who fought the Queen! report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved


One Steve Miller's greatest hits contains a plot line and the theme of Katherine Bouldin's boxing career Bobby Sue became a cult hero by a combination of naivte and chance. Katherine Bouldin while not being told what a club workout was at San Antonio college wound up taking up boxing. With only 12 fights to her credit she made a credible opponent for Queen Underwood who is an Olympian. Diedre Gogarity in her book speaks of a life-long obsession with boxing Katherine just happened. She likes the sport. I have photographed her at SAC boxing events and she posed with Celina Salazar before Celina left to fight Ana Julaton. Katherine was invited to a San Antonio College boxing club workout not realizing It was a boxing club workout.

Sac fight day gallery 1 shots of 1 bout involving Katherine San Antonio college

Sac fight day gallery 2 shots of another bout involving Katherine San Antonio college

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Katherine is the bridge between Andrea and Celina no longer grass green but not she took to boxing relatively late she graduated Madison high school 2004. Madison high school is in Northeast San Antonio. Andrea is a Billie goat grad 2007 for perspective. Like many women Katherine began boxing not quite early in life.

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She is taking a semester off from San Antonio College to pursue this boxing thing and her major courses for associates would made for too much. Celina was at the gym herself again and while getting her hand wrapped she watched 3 time LBC champion Ramon Cardenas spar. Ramon's cousin is Armando the postman who delivered a knockout at Cowboys.

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Yeah San Antonio has a boxer who gave a good fight to Queen who rightfully is respected as one of the best amateur boxers around. The funny thing with Katherine I do not think she would not go gushy fawning over Mark Breland if he had been there as VIP! and she did not spend her early life obsessed with Ali (daughter or father). However when Arturo had a pro show the group how he wanted an exercise done Katherine paid total attention.

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Katherine has a quirky shy persona with a bit of goofy side...she is a long and lanky as well. In many ways she is San Antonio boxing's oddest heroine.


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