La Villitia Pro Card Report Barf, Bombs, Brits, Mexicanos and Mixed Outcomes report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights Reserved



Local fighters local trainers who know each other under card then Add some real Texas Rivalries and add in a trio of genuine rivalries up Interstate 35 and you have truly interesting fight card. 



The event began on Boxing Standard time (wish I could say I coined the expression but I first heard it a staffer of a local paper) it was to a packed house.



Rolando Campos while not showing great defense showed a strong offense against Jorge Flores.  Jorge Flores lasted longer by a round than one observer expected.  Rolando finished Jorge Flores off with a body shot and flurries a few seconds later food was seen twice as Flores yakked in the ring. 

Miguel Pizzaro at times gets into a brawl....instead of slick defense and strategic offense.  Steven Hall is a brawler from Southshields England with larger than life persona.  Steven Hall landed a wicked body shot that dropped Pizzarro like a felled tree Round 1.  Afterwords in the post fight interview Hall announced in heavy English accent he was ready for a Beer!  Later I found him with one.  Hall is now a certified coach and as it clear Pizzarro recovered the fact that both corners knew each other was visible to the local crowd.

If you wanted to see fireworks and you thought you would wait for Yanez v were wrong.  It was a controversial decision that I disagree with but the Pitbull defeated his former gymmate.  It was close by the score cards which was a UD 39-37.Gallery of the fight six additional pictures

Cory Yett fought hard but as I think of things this morning Cantu did enough to win.  At times the fight looked like a hockey fight with a super slick ring causing lots of slipping.  Like Cantu's last fight there was a low blow in a given round.  Corey though fought back against this and managed to land some solid shots afterwards.  It was a win for Cantu it lacked ambiguity but on a personal note to Angels...I would not call him a prospect for great fame out of San Antonio.  Gallery of the fight six additional pictures

During one intermission multiple Armed forces boxing champion Army Staff Sergeant Casey Ramos was recognized

He is going to Afghanistan soon.  Afghanistan is a war zone I have had many chats recently paused as a friend types in "Gotta go Rocket attack"

The only way the fight could be justified in its length was the fact that Salvador Roa does have knockout power and he got a couple rounds. Generally speaking with a few exciting pauses Quinton mugged Salvardor Roa.  Quinton Whittaker did so looking as slick at the ring that had both men fall on several occasions.  

After the National anthem the non conclusive conclusion started

On a moral level the next fight did not end with closure and from one camp strongly mixed signals were sent.  If I had acted as Luis Yanez's corner did till  state inspector appeared wearing the purple and gold of the Denton Broncos.  Coach Puliattie might still be chewing me out for low class behavior.   Did Yanez my opinion Yes.  Did he win cleanly no.  Did he appear to be changing his formerly flamboyant ways at the start.  Rios was tough but some would feel missed opprotunities.  I have seen dirtier fights with more holding and my inclination of the night was to agree  Caloy....but I gave Yanez the benefit of the doubt.  The cards that had a narrower edge for Yanez seem logical.  If a defeat could have a silver would this for Rios.  I have talked too much due to awkward lighting I could not get all the photos I wanted but here is the gallery. Yanez on the mic was a different offering a rematch to Rios.       



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