Struggles Not So Special Deliveries and Surprises Pros at San Antonio Event Center report and photos by Esteban Erik Stipnieks


With a cover band playing real guitar music from a period of three decades the tone shifted at the San Antonio event center and a new set of officials took to ringside..the pro show had begun.

Luis Torres and Miguel Pizzarro put up a good show in their bout.  The first round seemed highly syncopated alternating between boxing and a brawl.  In later rounds 2nd,3rd and 4th Torres took control subtly then noticeably Pizzarro tried to retaliate with some leather of his own but it was insufficient to reverse the trend that was there to those watching the bout closely.  All three judges had Luis Torres by two point margin a score I agreed with. Gallery of the bout

Daniel Sanchez v Mark Martinez was interesting with Mark Martinez being the clear winner.  Mark has a jab Daniel on occasion retaliated with his own damaging shots and once had Mark looking somewhat hurt but Mark adjust and the third round Mark made use of his jab and movement to clearly.  Mark was head on all the score cards winning all four rounds on two.  My own score card for the fight rang true again (being the same as two judges) The cloth says in loving memory of Joe Souza.Gallery of this bout

Losing three times will teach some things Greg Garza in the four rounds showed a degree of finesse and having learned from this three previous outings sneaking shots on Eric Butler to clearly win at least three of the four rounds. gallery of this bout

Armando Cardenas is a postman by trade....I remember when he was a middle school student.  Ronnie Ledezma wanted to put a return to Sender on a couple head shots that Armando Landed.  The fight seconds into round 1 was not going the distance Armando got caught once but when replied Ronnie hit the canvas once got up and well the fight did not make it out of the first round.

Steven Hall is a banger...he got caught like Armando but well mate you leave yourself open and I will pay you back with interest.  What can be said about a fight that ends in the first round?  In my mind after one of the knockdowns the fight could have been stopped it was stopped shortly there after Solo Gortman clearly defenseless and damaged when Hall landed.

Records can be deceiving so is Manuel Rucalva's.  If you expected a knockout before the six rounds ended you were surprised.  Manuel Rucalva had me believing he won the fight.  The pit bull came forward steadily....aggressively.  The bout reminds me of a very early bout I reported on ironic considering one of those closely involved in it was ring side.  The post fight picture reveals evidence my belief was possibly false..  The picture on the viewers right was taken after the fight note the unmakred face.  ...It was the Pitbull who kept moving forward the more visual aggressor of the fight that won the decision.  Gallery of the bout


Also present at the event watching the fights were two women who previously in the ring added thunder to the event they met twice in the ring at the venue with a defeat for Ruiz (historic warning went unheeded in Cancun) and a thrilling draw.  Ana Julaton withheld her belt being put on the line at the last minute son only Christina Ruiz has hardware.  They both were taking victory laps being recognized....and the blood sweat and thuds in the ring at the event center lingered....they did not want to be pictured together.  So they kept distance from each other but got their well earned victory laps in.  Ringside their personas mirrored the great gap in personality they have while training.