Ann Wolfe Is Yet to Be Certified Miracle Worker editorial by Esteban Erik Stipnieks


As I write this I write this as the son of Latvian immigrant who was born in DP camp and the son of a Tejana woman who in her life went from the Barrio of Alice Texas to being an assistant superintendent of schools for Denton Independent School Districts.  Ok this is getting old an Ann Wolfe fighter involved in a negative headline.  Social Worker, cultural historian are roles that come with the title boxing coach.  USA boxing does have this in coaching clinics nor does a coach certification come with ability to understand crosscurrents of your culture and have the charisma to raise youth in the proper manner.   

The Plains of Africa offer the first hints of a greater truth.  A herd of elephants without adult males quickly have adolescents that harass harangue and abuse female heard members.  Introduce males into the herd and order is restored and the younger adolescent males start showing respect. 

 To quote a PSA "It takes a man to be a dad"  There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the need for fathers even the main stream shows how fathers interact differently with their children.  There is other information on the subject.... Maggie Gallagher talking about her childlessness finding Nemo, She has done research which is high lighted in this link The cost of lacking a father is documented in this study  This is one book on the subject  Then you have this scholarly look at the problem  You also have this interesting study on delinquency Ok is that enough scholarship?  The role of father is woman well intentioned can fulfill it. 

One bad deed draws the ire of many and the attention of many more.  Countless acts of heroism and doing the right thing can go unheard or unnoticed.  Ann Wolfe like many other boxing coaches have a variety of boxers at her gym.  Many of these boxers come from various backgrounds.  She does have male coaching staff.  She is definitely in personal and manner a strong momma!  Now naturally a male boxer without a father growing up in area of Austin not known for stability leaves steep odds and extreme needs for a miracle.  Can mega momma and a couple other father figures substitute for a real hard core Chappie James Daddy? One wonders what would happen if him and his buddy Robin Olds were to walk in the gym.  The historical record indicated that General James  understood on a gut level what Thomas Sowell wrote about in his book whose summary is linked here .  I can imagine the single act of turning off the rap in the gym and the ghost of General James talking about "low class" behavior would instantly have some shocking effects.....boxers would leave. Ok I just opened a can of worms should a coach accommodate or hold the high ground.   How much force of even a strong male persona as boxing coach can undo the cultural damage boxers come with?  Is Ann automatically responsible for her failure to accomplish a miracle.  If the same person was run out of gym because say the gym does not permit certain music containing certain ideas from the gym will not the gym be blamed for that misbehavior?  I can imagine the attendance in a physical conditioning retreat with no rap in the hill country and that would be supplemented with wilderness walks.  I do not think many of her boxers would be willing to attend such an event.

Now I am sure if you hashed it out Ann and I would disagree on whole lot.  She is trying to help her community she is putting lots of effort.  I have seen her act in nothing less then a heroic manner at previous Golden Gloves.  Now can we have some strong bible believing Christian male sign up go through a coaching clinic and join forces with her at her gym and see what they can do?  I just hope the inclination to blame her for inability to accomplish a miracle is shot down by the simple facts.   



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