Authors Note Hoof Prints story by Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved. 



When I wrote Tales of Dead Armadillo the main thing that struck me was that Ace remained a static character in the novel. It as if the reader misses out on important parts of the story and finds themselves catching up. We learn who Ace is but we have at best a limited understanding on how be became who is in Tales of Dead Armadillo. This is about his transformation. The focus is on Denton because in Tales you learn the NB characters. I touch very little about the freshman season of Stephen. It was BC Before Christ.

In Tales you see people struggling to deal with Ace….who has the physical appearance of Stephen King he posses Stephen King’s memory but in many ways is a profoundly different person. This explains what happened. Paul talks about rejoicing in trials. What appears to be brutal in reality is loving discipline as fundamentally new creature emerges.  The format is radically different as I try to compress 2 years into some pages.  I also will focus more on off course off cross-country antics because this is where a lot of Ace develops.



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