Rendazzo August Show Part 1 a hot night of boxing photos are for use boxers and coaches repost with photo credit to Esteban Erik Sitpnieks



It was a hot night in the backyard of the Roadhouse Bar that lies perched on the hinterland and overlap area of South Texas and East Texas. Local fight fans were treated to 14 bouts with boxers that all need to commend not a premature finish or blow out in the whole night of action. Funds were raised for Rendazzo boxing club. Prime Time Adjusters, Alamo Toyota and Roadhouse Saloon were event sponsors the boxers got some nice mementos for competing. As the National Anthem was played he stars and strips hung and the wind from the south allowed old glory to fly billowing with a mesquite tree background. A DJ who is classic San Antonio kept a good mix of tunes between the bouts. Local pros were also honored. Justin Williams who is training for a big said he was ready for some action. Celina Salazar who came from New Mexico with a draw also watched the proceedings.

Then the action started

Jerome Aiken won his debut as an am boxer he recently moved here from Washington DC

Izaq Esparaza won the second bout the evening

Jorge Guerro won the third bout of the evening

Juan Villuenva from Eagle Pass ends his summer on a high note

Alejandro Avalos picks up hardware  to end his summer with

Who is this pretty face catching the action?  Well I will give you two hints

NOt one of her best nights , Her at work, and if you want more of her you order photos from here

while the sun may have set things remained hot in the ring Richard Howell won a closely contested bout

Zachary Martinez won his bout another exciting one

Paul Rios won the next bout

Sergio Mino celebrates a victory he had to work for

The bout had a syncopated feel but it was Jorge Flores that won it. 

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If you are a boxer parent or coach feel free to save and print out photos courtesy of Community Bible Alamo Heights