Something For Everybody With a Oedpius and Pyric Fight Night Battle of The Ballpark report and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved

What can be said about a fight card with 9 actual bouts other than the fact a great potential for variety exists. The Battle of the Ballpark at Wolff Stadium demonstraits this clearly.

How many times have seen a pro-debuter face an opponent by Rotel or Heinz....the first bout of the night lacked this boxing cliche. The boxer out or Round Rock was the more skilled fighter accurrate faster, willing all 4 rounds cleanly. Marco Solis came to win and Eric Butler in defeat put up a valiant effort. Marco Solis went to Butlers home town and emerged with a victory. Additional photos of this fight

Three dingy Crystal Balls for all the hype of KO in this one their was not. Brandon Chalker won it no doubt about it but Ramiro Torres the big time under dog listened to his corner and well made it interesting. It was orthodox v Southpaw which lead to and in capturing this I also caught Chalker (in my opinion) doing accidently what was not so accidental in a later fights on the card. Additional photos of this fight

Boxers on the road know how hard it is defeat an opponent in their home town. Rudy Lozano out of Corpus Christi had a cut on one his eyes to boot. On the other side Ledesma made a somewhat stationary target (I saw some body movement from Ledesma) Lozano won in a convincing manner with some good solid boxing skills. Additional photos of this fight

A sluggers chance is the vain hope a boxer that lacks defense has to defeat a skilled opponent with a single telling blow...this was the hope Johnathon Arvello...who swung for the Da Fence on the pitchers mound. Daniel Biaz may not have had the perfect defense but to paraphrase an 80s rap it Biaz's defense got the job worked. It was helped by accurate punches taking the shortest distance to Arvellos face and body. Arvello might have come out for the third but why be target practice if you are not known for drop down power?

Oedpius complex with a side two gutsy fighters who well I think you could have put gloves on two of the ring girls and gotten a more scientific bout. Mike Rios Senior who made his pro debut at the Wolff was in the corner of the victorious boxer Rick Nunez. Mike's son was in the corner of Rick's opponent. Spirited but un scientific would be a way to describe this bout.

Additional photos of this fight

Amateur boxer with national and international bouts who has represented the USA over seas makes pro debut againt boxer with 0-10 record. Does a KO round 1 victory prove anything? It would almost be like Ana Julaton taking on a pro deubter after being defeated by Celina Salazar (distant gymmate of Cresencio) Cresencio Ramos v Canned Rotel. I did not get to see what unifies Cresenio, Hector and at times Celina because Cresencio was not pushed the way Hector was when fought James Cantu as an am. It did not make it out of the first round I find a hard time convincing myself their was a fight at all. Additional photos of this fight

WARNING: We are entering the ausaboxing truth zone where deep under currents of the next three bouts are explored in the name of truth. If you want shallow analysis please depart to either the Examiner Joseph Heron, True Boxing Headz or your less cerebral boxing pages NOW! The previous fight did not develop enough to be included in this spiel. The world view of a boxers gym...will often reflect on how they fight. For those who are staying please secure all 5 points of your 5 point harness because conventional fight reporting will be departed from very shortly mentally we will soon be pulling positive 3.25 and negative 3.25 Gs to explre the rest of the fight card. It has been said sports do not develop character they reveal character. Character is linked to integrity and notions of question of virtue as defining it. What everybody TRULY believes affects how they act so you can not remove looking at belief systems from either sport or politics. "If you are not cheatin you are not trying" ultimately is a statement about right or wrong. It contradicts Christian notions of truth (which I hold on to and evaluat) If say a boxer Adam Lopez holds and hits and leans on the neck of an opponent (which he did) but went un noticed by Mark Caloy...he cheated. This though proves the controversial next statement its morally wrong but humans born emitting darkness not light. Let me lay out some controversial premises that may offend. First we are born as sons and daughters of satan. Human nature is flawed see Lord of the Flies. One pastor when asked about Born Again Christians remarked "Can their be any other kind." Taking that point just a bit further only "IN CHRIST is their neither Jew nor Greek Slave nor free" Note this is not a Catholic teaching this one of those points that seperated the Protestant Church from the Catholic one. Second this goes hand in hand with the first onewithout God's grace their is no human virtue. Rommel's honorable act of thanking British doctors for taking care of wounded of both sides of the desert war after the Nazis over ran the British field hospital is an act of virture that ultimately was a remneant of God's grace. Acts of integrity and moral courage are to be celebrated. When Javier Rodriguez fought Leonardo Torres at the SA Event Center Javier DID NOT fight him the way Adam Lopez did at the ball park. I liked how Javier fought him....HONORABLY even if it cost Javier the Knockout victory Adam Lopez secured over the same opponent. Javier might have secured a knockout victory at the ball park IF he had employed Adam Lopez's tactics. Javier was stuck victory on points. If Leonardo Torres had fought Adam Lopez with the style Adam Lopez used against him and had Adam Lopez's talent the crowd would have been irate and Adam Lopez's father would have justifiably gone ballistic (my touchstone the Bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you) Doing the right thing in the ring is not without cost in the short term (Bonhoffer found his head in a noose, Steve Saint was pierced like his master (but avoided the crucifixion)) in the long term if you believe the scripture well their will be hell to pay for eternity for those who ARE NOT BORN again even if they ruled the world. By the same token what was Diane Tilly seeing when she told the accomplice to her rape and murder "bless you my child". Could it be she saw something similar to what Stephen saw as he was taken out to be stoned to death. For the believer who has an integrity issue the smoking section of heaven is not hell but it is certainly not near the throne either. Doing the wrong thing can be costly to if you deem your fighter more talented than they really are...Does the name Oscar Diaz ring a bell. So as a reporter pointing out that Gaudalpe Perez is a less than .500 fighter maybe done in the spirit to prevent a repeat of what happened to Oscar Diaz. In societies that lose their anchor to Christ as absolute virute you have genocides blood baths and brutality. Hitler's world view was neo pagan racist with a side of Darwinian evolution. Stalins world view was athiestic the two of them left 20 mil dead in their wake (great evil starts really small). Their is no so such thing as a small character issue.

Armando Cardenas was refreshingly honest about his victory seeing that well he had things he needed to work on. Reach is a great tool if you do not use it is pointless James Burns after being knocked down in the 2nd round made this fact painfully clear to Armando. Post fight Armando aknowledged it. Additional photos of this fight

Was Adam Lopez the more skilled of two fighters....yes! I will admit on the gallery it is scewed I did photograph the clean shots landing. To I will admit once I saw some of the action I was determined to well capture evidence backing my conclusion. To correct this I will add links to photos shot by other photographers ringside to correct my overreaction. So now with words I have to point out that the two knockdowns (before the knockout)were clean shots. I would like the viewer to look at the EXIF data which has the time of each photo (incorrect date) as well to get a feel for what happened. The shots are numbered in sequence and I have not deleted any after the initial upload to my computer. If the situation was completely reversed but still on Adam's home turf in my opinion their would be three feet of debris in the ring from irate fans. What's the purpose of gaining the world title belt but losing what vestige of a conscience is process worth? I hope Joe Calvey captured the other side copy and paste into your browers proper window and hopefully the other side will be shown do the same for I botched that. Now their are two sides to every story. So this is taken from Press Release after the fight from a person who did an interview with Adam In the co-main event of the evening, Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez (9-0, 4 KOs) also kept his perfect record intact by brutally stopping his customarily durable opponent from Monterrey, Mexico, Leonardo Torres (4-9, 1 KO). After dropping his opponent in the first and third rounds, the end of the bout finally came by way of a perfectly timed overhand right that floored the hard nosed fighter at the 2:25 mark of the fifth stanza. As soon as Torres’ head hit the canvas, referee Mark Calo-Oy immediately and intelligently called a halt to the contest. “He had an awkward style that was difficult to time effectively,” states the unbeaten power puncher. “My focus was to just touch him wherever I could land punches, and I eventually was successful in stopping him. But when an opponent is just trying to survive, it makes for a very difficult and awkward bout.” “Everyone needs bouts like this in order to become a more complete fighter. I learned a lot from this performance and I will continue to improve. But I was extremely happy to give the great boxing fans of San Antonio a decisive knock-out. That’s ultimately what fight fans want to see.” Although Lopez currently lives and trains in the Alamo City, his decisive victory over Torres was his first appearance in San Antonio since August of 2012. It’s something that he hopes to rectify over the next several months. (I will post both sides of the story) I will also add that the gallery is skewed the targetting skew happened the first time I saw Adam lean on the back of the neck of his opponent I had in mind to try and make for negative coverage I gave Adam as an Am....when I was convinced this was not accidental my decision on what to trip the shutter on was skewed more so than I thought. due to well I saw one lean on the back of the head and that affected my subject matter decisions far more than I would this might be give some critics of myself ammunition but well honesty is something rare.... it was an autism spectrum moment....first time this error happened in over 12 years ringside. Photos of the ugly side of the fight

Javier won all six rounds clearly. Their were no knockdowns.... Guadalupe Perez is a less than .500 fighter. This fact might be "negative" to Javier than again many barometric pressures under 29.92(with stable wind from the south east and absence of vertical wind shear) over Texas is a negative forecast for a pilot flying South Texas in the summer time. Any pilot who has lost his aerial virginity (soloed) over Texas in the summer time knows well even if not stated by late after noon the possibility is real of dealing with the weather equivlant to 350lb irate bikers. Additional photos of this fight

There was a lot of boxing served up and their was variety from pro debuters pushed to some too far (kudos to that match maker) to a local hero showing why he has somethings in common with his favorite basketball team to well this is life honest revelation of some weakness for a local favorite....lots to write about great venue neat concept. Mike Rios left a winner as he did the first time he crossed into the technical area at the Ball Park.

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