Ruiz 2nd Title Shot The other Side of the Coin words photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved


The training session started with a light hearted discussion about Halloween costumes….the nice thing about being a female jail guard at the Bexar County lock up work clothes can double as a costume. Yet soon it was time to get serious a title fight loomed on the horizon.

There are two sides to every coin. So it is with Christina Ruiz....and with the sparring session the other side of the coin was revealed. So let's look at the foundation of an issue. In this case the foundation is like the foundation of the Knock you out boxing gym: an old concrete slab over black clay. Residential construction people can get the meaning of that. With Christina Ruiz we are dealing with a foundation that is in two words cuddy wumpus.

One motor learning principal is that coaching any athlete in a motor skill what is taught first tends to linger. For instance a dyspraxic athlete who had a coach that taught good form from day 1 of training two years removed from the coach will still have GOOD FORM. The trouble is so it is with bad form and bad skills. One Olympic level gymnastics coach who coached volleyball on the university level told his class (which included myself) that to break bad habits the most extreme measure was having to reteach the skill on the opposite side and then transfer the new correct motor program to the dominant side. In a panic situation athletes go back to what they learned first. This is the bane of ANY TRAINER who has inherited a boxer from another trainer. The hope is that there are new skills learned to accent and minimize destructive bad habits.

One infamous sporting quote is from Yogi Berrera "It's like déjà vu all over again" sometime after Christina Ruiz lost to Amanda Serrano during a sparring session and after a sparring session I remember speaking the exact same words spoken often today. They were in regards to the same issue unaddressed when Christina was regional Golden Gloves champion. The advice came out of my mouth when I was a gym mate. While Tuesday was seeing Christina Ruiz do a fair impression of another local female boxer who was taught many good things when she was JO in addition to Ramos trademarks that James Cantu, and others have experienced.

This has to be balanced by the plus side of Carlos Sacrieste's techniques in some ways he is bad young boy of local boxing who shares some politically in correct opinions with me. Not all techniques I agree with one might already add some drama within the next 2 weeks. Great idea but a bit late in the game. However Carlos has an intensity about him and in terms what needs to be taught and reinforced has the accuracy and intensity of the last punch Ann Wolfe threw against Vonda Ward. This though occurs without the conflict that marked her relationship with her last trainer.

Sue Fox was not too thrilled about IFBA match up between Fuentes a boxer with a severe losing record and Christina Ruiz. Christina won the fight (even if she well did not quite get paid for it)….Tyreisha Douglas has a much higher basic skill level having almost made the US Olympic team. She will be fighting on HER home turf. None of this is news to team Ruiz who while having the title belt hardly consider themselves to be favorites. Her male sparring partners knew their role and one in the back side of his career has already started the process of sliding into an assistant trainer role.


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