Christina Ruiz Trains for Title Part 1 Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved.


In the spring of 2001 Carlos Sacrieste was in the process of finishing up high school at South Garland high in the Dallas Ft Worth area. Emilio and Tony were still on more than speaking terms and Maribel Zurita's career was just starting. Mary Wells was recently faded from view by being deceived about her opponent on National TV and this was followed by a car wreck. This puts some context into how the relationship between Christina Ruiz's former trainers and her current trainer are fundamentally different. Christina's first trainer fits into a Chapter of Malissa Smith's A History of Women's boxing…before Christy Martin and Dallas (who sued to allow females to compete as amateurs). has a tongue in cheek comment on why Christina left Emilio. Christina Ruiz's 2 previous trainers graduated high school BEFORE 1994.

Christina Ruiz is training for another title fight this fight in Baltimore Maryland. The fight is for the vacant IBA in the 118 lb. weight class. The fight is scheduled for November 12 2014. She will be fighting Tyresha Douglas. Shadows of her past now at the gym are inescapable…..( search term ausaboxing, Nohime Dennison, Christina Ruiz and you will see photos from that bout along with a less than flattering fight report) Carlos is using the Knock you out boxing gym right now.

The dynamic between boxer and trainer is a complex one the trainer HAS TO get the boxer to be driven in their training. An overheard conversation about weight and distance to the fight can be revealing as to what is not seen between boxer and trainer. A boxer having to lose lots of weight… before a fight is a boxer in trouble. By the same token it is generally a good sign when you divide the days left before a fight and amount of weight necessary for a boxer to lose and you wind up with less than a whole number. I have lost more weight over 2 days accidentally. I did the math and was surprised it is so UNLIKE Christina Ruiz of old. The whole exchange was done with all the drama Celina Salazar normally exhibits: Question followed by matter of fact answer silent agreeement things are on target. She was working hard but the drama queen antics WERE NOT present. Their seemed to be no underlying tension like an old combative football coach getting in the face of a player to get the best out of them. Carlos was low key but Christina upon close examination was working and working hard.

Carlos has his crew train at the Knock you out boxing gym during hours that the Rios family which owns the place does not use it. I found the gym to have its own unique character on the floor level.


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