Golden Gloves Champion Victory Lap and Local Professionals Sweat In Prep all At San Fernando Gym! report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks



San Fernando Gym can often be Grand Central station. It is the home gym of Kendo Castaneda who got to take a victory lap today. The victory lap would mean encounters with local big names while local professionals trained for an upcoming pro card. There was lots of stuff going on. Kendo had hardware jacket to show off and stories to tell.

He drove up interstate thirty five each bout was rough he and Adam brought it home. The father of Joseph Rios arranged a photo opportunity of Golden Gloves states champions past and present. Raul Martinez had come down to help Joseph Rios by sparring in preperation for March 26,2011. Joseph Rios had gone from his bout which ended in a draw with Yanez and was back in action back training. Rios was not the only participant on the pro card hard at work. Stephen Hall and Adrian Gonzales were working.

(Rios Spars and trains)

Kendo got his shot at a national title from state Golden Gloves; Adam Lopez likewise will join him. It was a victory lap. Meanwhile Stephen Hall and Adrian Gonzales had their own training to do Stephen Hall had sparred; Adrian Gonzales was working with a former pro followed by mitt work. The pro card will be March 26, San Antonio Events Center Doors open 6:30pm

(Stephen Hall prepares he will be facing a local fighter)

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